Hello friends,

Have you been struggling to gain fluency and proficiency in your quest for English development?  Maybe you know many words in English when you see them in written form, but when it comes to speaking you just simple can remember these words.  Or maybe, you’re the shy type and make mistakes in English or simply using English is a real daunting task, and you get scared of the thought of speaking in English?

Well friends, I am happy that we meet then and that you are reading about me :)

This website is not only the place to be learning English; it is the place to be doing much more with your English!

If you are:

  • an ESL Learner

  • a non-native teacher of the ESL

  • preparing for IELTS/TOEIC/TOEFL

  • learning English for fun

  • a business professional looking to enhance you English

  • in need of someone to coach and motivate you to get you using your English

  • or simply just a random individual bored and wanting to learn something new

then, my friend, you are in the right place….

If you love to learn English and are serious about becoming fluent and proficient in English, you’ll feel right at home here.

Here, you will find resources on the following topics:

  • motivation how to become fluent and proficient in English. 

  • lessons on English grammar.  

  • lessons on English Vocabulary

  • lessons on English Idioms 

  • tips for scoring high on IELTS 

  • free live English lessons. 


Why should you be reading this blog? 

These resource have all been carefully created and selected, which have helped over 50,000 ESL learners around the world!  Yes, my friend, not only you are reading this page.  Here we are creating a community of ESL Learners, interacting with each other, and using our English!  Don’t believe me, go and check out my social networks and the live shows we are working on together!

OK, Adriana I get it.... but why are you doing this and helping me?

On the internet there are many resources which will help you with many topics in the English language.  Though, this material just stops there, and I believe that this is the wrong way of learning ANY language!

What’s the point of studying a language by yourself, when realistically you have to be using your English.  English is a means of communication and interaction, and that’s what we are working on here!

This all began with my own personal struggles in become fluent in Croatian.  Ill talk about that in detail a little later on and in live lessons.

What I recommend that you do today, to begin is to download your FREE eBook 5 tips to help you speak English fluently.  Then, you will be given all the exact resources sent to you directly via email, and I will guide you as to how you too can become fluent and proficient in English

So... who are you anyway Adriana?

Well, now my friend, that is a very relevant and good question.  You don’t want to be learning English from just anyone out there!

I am an online ESL teacher/coach/motivator (you can find the best term) who helps ESL Learners reach a high level of English fluency and proficiency.  I have helped over 3000 students personally in their quest for English fluency and proficiency.

Learning should not be a boring process.  Trust me, I have been bored in many language courses in my life, and I guarantee that I do not want you to be bored on my website, in my classes or in anything that you have contact with me.

 Here is a little bit of my education background:

My ESL qualifications:

  • CELTA accreditation to teach ESL from Cambridge University

My education background:

  • Masters of International Business, La Trobe University Australia

  • Certificate in Quality Management Practices, Supera Zagreb

  • Croaticum, Study of Croatian language for foreigners, University of Zagreb

My current education:

  • Currently enrolled in my Phd: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Doctor of Agricultural Science (PDS Poljoprivredne znanosti), University of Zagreb.

So, do you feel like I am qualified enough to be doing what I am doing? 

But, let’s get back to the real me

  • I love my family.  Family is of up most importance to me.  There is nothing more precious in life than having a loving and supporting family, and I truly cherish this.

  • Happily married :)  that’s all I will say here, so please DO NOT send me emails requesting marriage, love etc... as I will get my husband onto you!  You have been warned! :)

  • Sports is something I love.  I left this out in my profile, but I am also a tennis coach!  As a child I played at a national level in Australia, and absolutely love the sport!  I began coaching tennis at the age of 16 and stopped at 22.  A pity really, as I really loved doing this… anyone up for a tennis match, feel free to give me a shout out :)

  • I am from Melbourne, Australia.  Australian born and breed, though living in Croatia.  Why Croatia many people ask?  Well..... why not?  Have you ever typed Croatia in Google search?  If you haven’t please do so, and you will understand why I love living here.  Disclaimer warning:  I am also married to a Croat, so I’m kinda stuck here :P

  • I love traveling.  As part of my Bachelors degree, I had the privilege of traveling to Beijing, China, and I completed my Master in Dijon, France.  I have traveled to many countries.  Those being: Bosnia, Croatia, Australia, China, France, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary.  I hope to travel more in the future!

  • I do not tolerate lazy people, people who complain, people who do not have goals and are not driven.  I am putting this out here as a word of warning!  If you are a lazy person and will constantly email me asking for questions, which I have clearly answered, then you will never ever become neither fluent nor proficient in English!  I can teach you, motivate you, guide you + much more.... but at the end of the day it is all really up to you!

  • Language learner.  Do you know how hard it is to learn Croatian?  just search on the internet a Croatian course, and there is limited possibilities to learn this language.  I struggled, hustled and somehow became fluent in Croatian! 

My friends, I do not want you to go through what I had to go through in order to become fluent and proficient in a language. 

Let me get you on the right track:

What I recommend that you do today, to begin is to download your FREE eBook 5 tips to help you speak English fluently.  Then, you will be given all the exact resources sent to your email.

Did you download your FREE eBook?  Do it now!

Bye for now + happy learning

-Adriana xoxo