Are you tired of old learning methods…. studying grammar rules, memorizing vocabulary and having to sit at home by yourself to master the English language?

Do you need support on your English learning journey? …  someone, to help you stay motivated and push you to really improve your English?

Hi!  I’m Adriana! here to help you SPEAK in English 🙂


I have created this website to prove you with lessons which you can use in your everyday life.  Here you will find lessons on phrasal verbs, idioms, grammar, motivation, confidence, and fluency which you CAN apply in your life to become a confident and fluent English speaker!

In my 7 years of Teaching English as a foreign language online, I have noticed that many of my students struggle to speak English and to use their knowledge.  It is one thing to be able to understand all the rules we use in the English language, though another to be able to able those rules in your everyday life.  

This is what I do>> I help you USE your knowledge and make you get the best results using your English FOR YOUR LIFE! 

A little bit about my background:

👉over 7 years of English as a foreign language teaching experience

👉teaching students from different countries all over the world

👉native English speaker.  Born, raised and educated in Melbourne, Australia

👉graduated from La Trobe University with a Masters of International Business

👉CELTA accredited English Teacher (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University

How can I help you….?

My specialties in teaching are all done through a cognitive approach.  I specialize in bringing the best out of my students, by motivating and guiding them to speak in English and write in English, so that English becomes a part of their daily lives.  

If you are looking to improve your general conversation, if you are a business professional who is struggling to express yourself both in work and out of work situation, we can work together to improve your English

👉general conversation

👉business English

All of my lessons are conducted ONLINE, either via Skype, google hangout, with materials being sent via email