2 tips to help you achieve English fluency

2 tips to help you achieve English fluency


Dear friends and all English enthusiasts!

I’m back to work with you on your English fluency. Last time I shared with you my three secrets to being fluent in English, and this time it’s time for the top two tips! The most important secrets to English fluency are here, so read on!

2 tips for English fluency


1.      Speak in English as much as possible.


Possibly the most important thing when it comes to learning English language is using English in communication with other people, which means speaking in English as much as possible. When you speak in English, you are obliged to use both your vocabulary and grammar skills. If you have some friends learning English, you can organize meetings on which you will be allowed to talk only in English. That’s a great way to work on your speaking. You can start a book club with your friends. Each week you can read a book in English and then you can talk about it, also in English. That way you’ll work both on your reading and speaking.

Also, for all of you wanting to find a partner to practice speaking with, you can join my Facebook group. Here, you have a chance to talk to people all around the world which are also learning English. We’re all in this together, so join today to improve your fluency tomorrow!



And now, the most important secret of all…


2.      Use your English as much as possible.

This means everything – write in English, listen to English, talk in English, read in English, watch English movies… Only when you master all the above will you be able to see how your English fluency improved.

Here’s a tip:

Each day, watch a movie or an episode of your favourite TV show. Use English subtitles so that you read at the same time. Pay attention to vocabulary and write down words you didn’t understand.

Also, read an article per day. You can read everything, from newspapers to magazines or blog posts. Even this blog post can help you improve your fluency! Look up the unfamiliar words in a dictionary and write them down in a notebook. Each night, read the words you wrote down during the day and try to memorize them.

The key to fluency is to use English as much as you can. So, use it without worrying about making mistakes or not understanding something. The more effort you make when learning English, the better will your English be.


Now, I present to you my two recommendations for a magazine you can read and a TV series you can watch to improve your fluency.



Click here to read the guardian

The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper. I recommend it to you because it encompasses many various topics – from culture, to sports, world news and show. You can read whatever interests you the most. The vocabulary may sometimes be more difficult, but it’s great to read various articles on many various things and introduce yourself to, for example, some specialized vocabulary.



Friends is an American television sitcom, one of the most famous and most popular American TV series. I recommend it to everyone who loves comedy! It’s extremely funny and it’s a great way to improve your vocabulary! The characters use many English idioms and you can learn a lot by watching the episodes of this sitcom. Watch the series and pay attention to vocabulary, especially because the characters sometimes use English slang. This TV series is great if you want to have so much fun while learning English!