3 tips to improve your pronunciation

3 tips to improve your pronunciation

Friends, pronunciation is something that many English learners struggle with.  

Today, I would like to begin my introducing you to Ahmed...

Ahmed is an English student. Yesterday in class, the teacher asked him to read a short paragraph of text from a book. It was a text he hadn’t seen before so he was a bit nervous when he started reading it. He was paying special attention to his pronunciation, but then a word came up which he didn’t know how to pronounce.

How is this pronounced? Choir? I have never heard this word being pronounced. How am I supposed to say it?, he thought to himself.

Then he pronounced it the way he thought it was supposed to be pronounced. The whole classroom started laughing, and Ahmed soon realized that he hadn’t pronounced it right. He felt so ashamed. He just wanted to turn back time and not feel so embarrassed.

Has something like this ever happened to you my friend?

I hope not, and if it has, lets fix that issue today :)

So, what can you do in a situation like this?

How can you avoid putting yourself in that kind of situation?

Is there something you can do to avoid this?

We do not want you to feel embarrassed if you cannot pronounce a word right. Many non-native English speakers have trouble pronouncing certain words, even native English speakers sometimes experience some difficulties.

So, this is not something you should feel embarrassed about. We keep on learning many different things throughout our lives so you can also learn how to pronounce many different words, even the words you hear for the first time.

There are a few things you can do to improve your pronunciation, so read through this text to find out my tips for improving your pronunciation.

If you want to achieve high English fluency, you need to pay special attention to your pronunciation, among other things.

Learning how to pronounce words correctly is especially important when it comes to words that are the same when written, but are pronounced differently.

Such is the case with the infinitive and the past participle of the verb read. The infinitive is read and the past participle is also read.

How can you distinguish between the two forms?

Well, through pronunciation. So, this is one of the many reasons why pronunciation is important.

There are also words which you may think are pronounced similarly, but you could be wrong.

This is the case with alive and live. Both have live in it, so you may guess they are pronounced in the same way.

To avoid such confusion, it is important to work on your pronunciation skills.

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So, how can you improve your pronunciation skills?

Here are my top 3 tips on how to improve your pronunciation!


1.      Listen to a native speaker of English

Probably one of the best ways of how you can work on your pronunciation skills is by listening to a native speaker of English. You can listen to music, various broadcasts, radio, etc. You can also watch TV shows and movies, whatever you prefer.

There is a variety of materials you can listen to. The more you listen to native speakers and their pronunciation, the better your pronunciation will be. You can also try practicing the mimicking technique, which is very helpful in learning how to pronounce different words.

What is the mimicking technique? Well, it is a technique in which your goal is to pronounce the words just like the native speakers do, that is, you need to imitate the sounds you hear and pronounce the words correctly.

This is also a great way to learn an accent you may like. I personally know a lot of English students that used this technique and achieved great results. So, why don’t you try it out?


2.      Listen to audio books in English

Listening to audio books in English can have a really great influence on both your pronunciation and vocabulary.

You can simultaneously read a book and listen to its audio version. That way you can also pick up the spelling of certain words that you do not how to write. English audio books come in different dialects and speakers with different accents read it.

This is also one of the best ways of learning an accent and sounding more like a native speaker of English. When reading and listening to the book, you can make notes and write down vocabulary that you want to memorize, especially if you’re having difficulties in pronouncing these words.

Make a list of all the words you mispronounce and use it to review the troublesome vocabulary.


3.      Record yourself speaking

How can you tell if your practice has improved your pronunciation?

It is great to record yourself with a camera. Try using both the camera and the sound recorder because it is very important to see how you speak, not only hear it. When pronouncing different words, the movement of your lips and your tongue is the most important part you need to pay attention to.

Try to find a video from a movie you like and choose a few sentences. Record yourself trying to mimic the pronunciation of the speaker. Then you can compare your recording and the original video to hear and see what you did good or wrong.

If your pronunciation doesn’t sound the same, try again.

Practice makes perfect.


But... lets go back to Ahmed!

What would have happened if Ahmed had followed these tips?

Well, he would have known how to pronounce all the words correctly.

He wouldn’t have felt ashamed when mispronouncing a word.

If he had followed the tips, he would feel confident when presented with a text he hadn’t read before because he had practiced a lot and worked on his pronunciation skills.

These three tips can help you a lot with working on your pronunciation skills because they provide a sort of an outline for how you can work on your skills.

You can always upgrade these tips with many other useful tips and tricks.

Just have these tips in mind when learning how to pronounce different vocabulary.

How do you feel about your pronunciation skills? Do you often feel embarrassed if you mispronounce a word?

Do you think that pronouncing certain words incorrectly can affect the opinion others may have of you and your English speaking skills?

Have you ever been in the same situation as Ahmed?

Don’t hesitate, not even for a moment!

Take action today and fight this feeling of embarrassment, take your time and learn how to pronounce English words.

Make everyone stare in amazement when you speak in English!

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