4 tips to improve your writing skills in English!

4 tips to improve your writing skills in English!


Has something like this ever happened to you?

Soraia is an English student. Last Friday, the teacher gave a homework assignment, which was to write an essay responding the question If you could do anything in life, what would you do?

Soraia really liked the topic of the essay. She was really excited to finally write about her secret desires and wishes.

On Monday, all the students had to hand in their homework. Soraia was extremely proud of herself when she handed in her homework. Of course that she was hoping to get an A!

However, she was terribly disappointed when the teacher corrected her homework. She got a -C! How is that possible?!, she thought to herself.

Then she glanced at the homework and saw her mistakes.

She was so embarrassed because she had made many spelling and grammar mistakes.


4 tips to improve your writing skills

So, what can you do in a situation like this?

Have you ever been frustrated with your English writing skills?

What is it that you can do to improve your writings?

In order to improve your writing skills, you have to write as much as you can in English.

This means that you need to write in English on a daily basis.

Writing in English can be a difficult task if you don’t practice.

It is very helpful because it gives you a chance to work on your spelling, vocabulary and grammar skills.

Everything you have learned by now, you can practice it when writing in English.

There are a few things you can do to improve your writing skills, so read through this text to find out my top tips for improving your writing skills.

If you want to achieve high English fluency, you need to pay attention to your writing skills.

It isn’t enough just to learn new vocabulary and grammar.

You need to pay special attention when writing in English so as not to make mistakes.

Mistakes can sometimes lead people reading your texts to misunderstand you.

Writing skills are especially important if you need to be fluent in English because of your job.

Nobody wants to hire someone whose writing skills aren’t as good as they need to be.

Writing skills show a lot about the person. If you make too many mistakes when writing, people can think that you are sloppy and careless.

You don’t want to make such an impression, do you?

To avoid such consequences, it is important to work on your writing skills.

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So, what is it that you can do to improve your writing skills?

Here are my top 4 tips on how to improve your writing skills!


1.      Start writing a diary in English!

As you can see, my first tip is to write a diary in English.

This can be very helpful because it will give you a chance to work on your everyday use of English language.

Think of what happened to you each day and then write it down in a notebook.

That way you will practice using English while describing everyday situations.


2.      Write a story in your native language and then try to re-write it in English.

By this, I don’t mean that you need to translate everything that you wrote in your native language.

I want you to make up a story and then try to write it in English. Try to think of many different ways how to tell in English what you wrote in your native language.

This is a great exercise because it gives you a chance to practice thinking in English.


3.      Read an article and try to write a summary of it.

This is a great exercise because it helps you with both your writing and reading skills.

Find an article that you like and then read it. While reading it, try to focus on the most important things mentioned in the article.

After finishing reading the article, write down the most important things. Now that you have done that, write a short summary of the article.

This means that you need to write in your own words the most important things the author of the article said.

Try to practice this often and soon you will see that your writing skills are successfully improving!


4.      Find a partner who will read your writings and correct your mistakes.

If you are not aware of the mistakes that you do, you won’t be able to improve your writing skills.

Therefore, find someone who knows English very well and then practice with them.

Pick one of my tips and write something, and then give it to someone who can tell you if you made a mistake and how to correct it.

It is always great to have a feedback!

What would have happened if Soraia had followed these tips?

Well, first of all, she wouldn’t have made so many mistakes.

If she had followed these tips, she wouldn’t have felt ashamed because of the mistakes that she had made.

Second of all, the teacher wouldn’t think that had been careless.

She would have given her an A!

These four tips can help you a lot with working on your writing skills.

You can always upgrade these tips with many other useful tips and tricks.

Just have in mind that you need to use your English every day.

Write in English, think in English, speak in English.

The more you surround yourself with English, the better will your English fluency be.

How do you feel about your writing skills?

Do you often feel embarrassed if you misspell a word?

Do you think that misspelling words can affect the opinion others may have of you and your English writing skills?

Have you ever been in the same situation as Soraia?

Don’t hesitate, not even for a second!

If you want to become fluent in English, take action today!

Work on your writing skills, become an excellent student of English!

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