How to learn Phrasal Verbs

How to learn Phrasal Verbs


If you are learning English, then you must have come across some phrasal verbs. However, do you know what a phrasal verb is? Well, a phrasal verb is a verb where you have a main verb in combination with a particle, and these two together create one meaning.

how to learn phrasal verbs


Let’s take the verb come as an example.

Come means to arrive at a place. But, in combination with different particles and prepositions, it gains a completely different meaning.

come back means to return

come down means to fall

come out means to appear


So, as you can see, the same verb can have many different meanings, depending on the particle it appears with.


How to learn phrasal verbs when there are so many different meanings of each verb? How do natives use phrasal verbs in their everyday conversations?


Well, phrasal verbs indeed are an important part of everyday English of native speakers. So, in order to understand English speakers better, you need to learn phrasal verbs. But, what is the best way to learn phrasal verbs? Do you just print out all the phrasal verbs and try to memorize them? Well, that’s pretty difficult.


So, what is the best way?

The best way is to learn phrasal verbs by topics. Think of everyday situations of native speakers. They go to school, work, make lunch, dinner, etc. If you try to learn phrasal verbs by topics, you will learn more easily about their meanings and how they are used.

But that’s not enough! The best way to learn almost anything connected to grammar is to try to use it in your own sentences. So, when you learn phrasal verbs by topics, make sure that you come up with your own examples of the use of phrasal verbs. Think of your everyday life or people around you, and put them into your own sentences.

Phrasal verbs are crucial for your fluency in English, especially spoken English, so take your time and get to know them. Learn phrasal verbs and improve your English fluency!