How to remember new vocabulary?

How to remember new vocabulary?


For many people learning new vocabulary can be very stressful because they assume that they would have to learn a long list of words and memorize everything.

If you want to improve your vocabulary skills and learn how to remember new words, there are many ways you can do that.

How to remember new vocabulary

There are many things that you can be doing, every day to improve your English vocabulary!  Watch this video lesson to learn some tips and tricks you CAN start applying today!

You can start by creating associations.

Associations can really help you memorize new words. You can associate new English words with words in your native language.

You can also think of some everyday situations in which you would use that word.

The more you visualize the word, the better will you remember it later.

You can also create a vocabulary journal.

This is another great way of learning vocabulary words. You can write out new words into your vocabulary journal. Instead of just writing down their definitions, try to write your own sentences in which you will use the words.

You can also draw pictures depicting the meaning of the words to accompany their definitions.

You can also write the words by topics.

That’s an effective way to learn new vocabulary. If you group the words by topics, it will be easier for you to memorize them.

Mind maps can also come in handy. It’s great to have a visual representation of words. Our mind can memorize pictures more quickly.


**But, no matter the way you choose to learn and remember new vocabulary, you must bear in mind that you need to practice your techniques regularly. **

As an English learner, you need to expose yourself to new vocabulary and read as much as you can.

Reading and looking up new words is an excellent way of building and practicing vocabulary. You can also try out many different vocabulary applications.

They are great fun and an excellent way to test your knowledge!