Spring Idioms + Expressions

Lets talk about spring and the beauties spring brings with it in this lesson :)

Watch this video lesson to practice talking about Spring in English and learn 7 English related to Spring:


everybody needs to be motivated, and I want to motivate you a little today to learn English.

Here is a quote below by Bernie Siegel which I love :)

English Motivation

OK.... now that you are motivate to learn English...

lets get straight into it!

In the video lesson, I taught you the following idioms:


1. Spring into action

to suddenly begin moving or doing something.

2. Spring clean

to clean all of a place, especially your house, very well, including parts you do not often clean!

3. Garden Variety

to be typical or common.

4. to have a green thumb

if someone has a green thumb, they are very good at gardening!

5. Soak up the sun

to enjoy the suns rays on your skin

6. a ray of hope

a tiny bit of hope that can be found in a tough situation.

7. Spring to life!

to become more active and become suddenly alive 


REMEMBER: The best way to be remembering these idioms, is to be using these idioms in a sentence!  Try making sentences with these idioms.

**If you are having difficulty using these idioms, please watch the lesson again.  Click here to watch the lesson.

Learning English through photos!

Here are some photos of Spring in my town.  There are many picture and many colours in these pictures.  

Did you know that you can learn English by looking at photos?

How you may ask?

By looking at photos you are developing many ideas in your head, and you are thinking about what is happening in the photo.

One good way that you can be learning from photos is to try to practice thinking in English.

What you can do, is look at a photo, and try to think of adjective which come to mind.


**NOTE: If you like these photos, make sure to check out this website for more great photos.  Click here

Now its your turn...

Comment below a few adjectives which come to mind when you look at these picture: