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Today I want to say a few things about grammar in general. I know that some of you may wonder why we even need to learn grammar. And some of you may even think that grammar is boring and difficult to learn. You are right. Grammar can indeed be boring sometimes. It can be exhausting trying to learn grammar rules. And it can also be frustrating if you can’t figure something out. However, on the other hand, learning grammar can come in handy for you in almost every single situation.


Grammar is a vehicle for expressing meaning, so a poor knowledge of grammar can seriously hinder communication. As a student of any language, in this case English, you need to know the difference between some grammatical structures. You need to know that each grammatical structure conveys different meaning. For example, if you say The dog bit the postman, you need to know that this is not the same as The postman bit the dog, although these two sentences contain the same words. This is one of the many reasons why grammar is important.

Learning grammar doesn’t mean that you need to memorize every single grammar rule. Knowing grammar means applying all those different rules in real-life situations. If you are chatting with your friends, grammar is not that important. No one will judge you if you make a few mistakes. But, imagine you are in a job interview and you need to speak in English. In this case, a knowledge of grammar and its rules is absolutely essential. In more formal situations, you need to apply all your previous knowledge of grammar when using the language.

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Grammar lays the groundwork for effective communication. Grammatical errors can come in many different forms and all of them have an effect on the meaning of what is said. If you make a grammatical error, you can easily confuse the other person and he/she will not be able to figure out what you meant. So, to avoid strange looks when you make a grammatical error, take some time and learn grammar. What is even more important, learn how to use grammar rules in real contexts.

Grammar is like a Rubik's cube. Every single word has its place in a sentence, and it all fits together in logical ways. Once you master the grammar rules, you can apply them in real contexts, and you can even chose to avoid them, just like native speakers sometimes do. If you understand one grammar rule, it can often be helpful in understanding a different grammar rule, so the process of learning grammar can be seen as building on your previous knowledge of grammar.

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