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Why do you need to learn Phrasal Verbs to improve your English to help you achieve English Fluency?

✔by using Phrasal Verbs you will sound more like a native English speaker

✔understanding phrasal verbs will help you better understand English speakers

✔you will be able to express yourself better in English by using phrasal verbs

✔sometimes, it is impossible to avoid using a phrasal verb in English, as there are hundreds of them, and English Speakers use them ALL the time!


Perhaps you feel shy when you try to talk to English speakers, because you’re worried you’ll say something wrong?

Perhaps you’re getting frustrated with all the words that have more than one meaning?

Or perhaps you’re looking to take your English beyond just reading and writing, and you want to get to a point where you can speak the language in everyday situations?

I understand all of these struggles, that is why you are invited to join the...

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