I have had the privilege and honor of working with many students from all over the world.

Through online courses, I have taught, coached, mentored and motivated over 3000 students to  reach a high level of English fluency and proficiency.  I have helped them personally in their quest for English fluency and proficiency.

Here you will find some student testimonials and review of my work:

It is wonderful working with Adriana, through excellent guidance through the idioms, grammar and contextualization which is necessary for translation of my texts/paper in English. Many thanks, Adriana, I truly recommend working with her!

Suzana Marjanić, a folklore researcher, Zagreb

-Rachel from Korea

“I’m very glad to count on Adriana to achieve my English goals.

She is an extremely dedicated teacher, and I am really enjoying my classes.

Getting out of my comfortable zone, she makes me strive to learn more and more.

For those who want to improve their English skills, I haven’t any doubt in recommending her.

Thanks for everything Adriana.”

Armando from Portugal

Adriana is very interactive and good at asking questions to hold the conversation. I got enough opportunity to speak a lot which is a good way to practice speaking. The materials she covers is fresh and interesting! I read all of them and do the homework.  The questions are challenging for me, but the topics are attractive to me so I'm willing to read them all. It is a great experience learning with Adriana! We cover many topics and we focus on all important English aspects: speaking, listening, reading and writing. I practiced English a lot with you so thank you! Hope everything goes well! :)

Kai, Engineer, China

-Ibhraim from Qatar

I have been studying with Adriana since July 2015. First, I requested a trial lesson to understand the way she teaches. I thought that it will be a short lesson, but she made this very comfortable and welcoming. This was the first positive point for me.  

Until today, I have never found a point about her to criticize negatively.  She was very extrovert and merry, dutiful, punctual and hard working person.

She has given me very effective homework. Even she had no any idea some specific topic regarding with my job, she searched and send documents to me.  She corrected my mistakes and she wrote them to me while I was speaking.  She encourages me every time. Whenever I need her help to translate my sentences, I wrote to her and she corrected my sentence as quick as possible.

I feel myself very lucky to study with her.

Aysegul, Turkey, Msc chemical engineer

Jessica, from Hong Kong

Teacher Adriana's class is nice. She is prepared for every class and sends class materials few days ago before the class so that I can think about the topic and know the backgrounds (of the topic). Also, she waits for me and understands if I have to search a word that I don't know. When I am hesitating to say because of grammar, she helps me to say what I was trying to say. So I have no pressure to attend the class. She is kind and polite, so I could talk freely. :)

Bon, Korea, High School Student

My name is Manal and 32 years old . I am Saudi. My Teacher Adriana is very patient and a great teacher. She help me through receive a good away which improve me. During lesson corrected my mistakes and gave me some advices. I can take class on the time convenient me. I like to receive the materials before lesson because I can focus on the earlier and then patristicduring the lesson. I wish to speak Englishvery well, and I take IELTSwith help teacherAdriana. Thank you Teacher Adriana

Manal, University Lecturer, Saudi Arabia


Hi I am Violet from Taiwan, my native language is Mandarin Chinese, I like to learn English because it's useful and give me another aspect to view the world.I am very enjoy with usingenglishtp , as a member , Adriana provides us new lesson every week, including reading , listening, writing and speaking, not only the fixed lesson set ,but also weekly live lesson with Adriana (which I enjoyed the most) . 

#UsingEnglishTP is not like other online English programs, because we are really using English, not just taking on line lessons. Every week we have homework. At first I was wondering: how can Adriana put such effort to correct all our homework? It's time consuming! But she really did , so I got surprised after the first week's task. Why I chose #UsingEnglishTP? Because it's really helpful!The amount of lesson is just right for me , without feeling stressfed and overwheled , I can finish every lesson set on time . Second, through the live lesson and secret Facebook group , I get answers and support right away once I have any questions. By practicing writing and speaking task, I am immersing myself with English, applied what I learned this week in the homework immediately so I can make them sticked on my mind. 

The topics of this program are interesting, diverse, also covered holistic of English learning (reading writing listening and speaking) 

I would like to recommend everyone join our program and improve together!

Violet from Taiwan--- Join Violet by clicking here

Learning English with Adriana is great. She adapts the lessons perfectly to my level and my needs. The virtual classroom desktop she uses is also very useful because she can provide you the corrections after each class and you can review them at anytime. She also helps me to prepare myself for presentations or pitchs I have to do due to my job. On the other hand, using Skype is very useful: I travel a lot, so it's easy for me to connect through the internet from anywhere I am without missing my weekly lesson. In a nutshell, after six months learning with her every week, I can say I'm improving a lot, increasing my vocabulary and feeling more confident during my conversations. Absolutely recommended!

  Fernando, Film editor, Spain

I’ve been working with Adriana since 3 months and I am really glad that I have the opportunity to be her student and to achieve so fast most of my goals. She is a very professional teacher, nice person and knows how to use Skype efficiently as a teaching tool. I can say that, for this short term, she absolutely covered my expectations for a tutor namely she listens carefully, asks perceptive questions, and quickly comprehends new or highly complex matters. The things that I like the most in her lessons are her desire and passion in teaching, the way that she makes you speak fluently and without fear. She has a lot of material to support her lessons and always choose the right ones in order to do the lessons available for the relevant level and more interesting and motivating. Adriana is an open-minded person who is cordial and always willing to help.I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to improve their English.

Maya, Engineer, Bulgaria

My name is Iryna, I'm from Ukraine. I'm bilingual in Ukrainian and Russian. I'm learning English in order to be more confident with my English-speaking colleagues and to get more opportunities to get a promotion. 

#UsingEnglishTP helps me to be disciplined in learning English. Every week we have a topic and 4 tasks on the topic: a reading (with video explanation of unknown and useful words or phrases), listening, writing and speaking tasks. Due to the strict deadline for writing and speaking tasks, I have no chance to postpone my learning, I have to do all tasks on time. It's a way to understand my knowledge gaps and work harder. Based on our questions and mistakes our group has live lessons every week. All questions during the live lesson are answered on a real-time basis. Moreover Adriana is a great teacher and always in touch if I need any help in English. I can strongly recommend this program for everybody who wants to learn English with a native speaker on a regular basis. However everyone should understand that learning English is a hard self-study, Adriana just shows you the way to make it easier.

Iryna from Ukraine--- Join Iryna by clicking here

I had problems which many non native users of English have: speaking fluently.Every day correspondence, speaking or writing, for my many contacts is very important, but I was not satisfied with my performance. The internet is a huge resources for learning grammar, and persistence is the only thing that you need for this, but for real implementation of learning skills you need a real sidekick. Someone who lead you through English easy and delightful. Adriana has successful didactic skill, she is a nice person, so if you want to work on some new topics, or if you want to have a simple correspondent lesson, she is the right person for you. After a few months working together my progress is obvious: I am eventually a confident user of English language.

Dražen, Otorhinolaryngologist, Croatia


In March 2015 I moved from Italy to London to work. My English was already pretty good, especially grammar and writing (in August 2008 I passed the IELTS exam with a 6.5 score). However, I thought that I needed extra lessons to improve my vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking. That's what I am doing now thanks to Adriana. Due to the fact that I live in the UK where every day I listen to people speaking in English, I don't need more than a weekly online lesson. Nevertheless, this short time is intensive and enriches me a lot. Firstly, the teacher gives me homework regarding many and diverse topics, from politics to entertainment, from economics to fashion, from culture to sport, so I can increase my vocabulary. Secondly, Adriana makes me reading what I write and correct me when my pronunciation is incorrect. Furthermore, we also speak about the topic of the lesson, so my fluency is progressing week by week. Finally, she shows a strong passion in teaching and is very professional, accurate and nice. Highly recommended!

Giovanni, hotel receptionist, London