Gut Feeling (Interview with Ask Jackie)

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 Have you ever been indecisive about what to do in your life?  You have had to make a decision on what to do in your life, and one decision seemed logical in your brain, though you had a strange feeling that it simply wasn’t the right decision?

Our brain uses a combination of logic and emotions to make any kind of decision.  Sometimes we make a decision purely based on logic, and sometimes we make decisions based on our “gut feeling”.  

Going with your gut feeling can cause anxiety and uncertainty, as it does not guarantee a good outcome.  Despite all the hard facts being presented to us at times in our lives, sometimes people simply follow their instinct, their gut feeling, to make decisions. 

In this #UsingEnglishTP podcast episode, Jackie from Ask Jackie will talk to us about her experience going with her gut feeling. This podcast episode provides you with English listening practice so that you can hear, two native English speakers speaking about going with your gut feeling.  Pay attention to the vocabulary, idioms, expressions which are used in this natural conversation.

This podcast episode will also help you better understand both the Australian and American English accents.  As Jackie is from America, and I am from Australia, this podcast episode will prove you with great listening practice to improve your ability to understand both the Australian and Amercian accent.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

🌟 What the idiom gut feeling means

🌟 You will listen to both the Australian and American English accent

🌟 You will learn new vocabulary you can use when talking about going with your gut feeling (your instinct)

Listen (and download) the episode below…

Learn more about Jackie…

If you love Jackie and would like to learn more about her work, connect with her on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

Listen (and watch) Jackie and I talk about going with your gut feeling with subtitles below…

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