If your planning on visiting or working in Australia, there are some slang words which you will need to understand, to be able to communitcate with Australians.  In this video lesson, we will go through the most common Australian slang words you need to know to better understand and communicate with Australians.

Watch the video lesson to learn Australian Slang Words 

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List of Australian Slang Words You need to know

G’day = good day/ hello 

Mate= friend

No worries mate, she’ll be right = there’s no point in worrying, that everything (she) will be good

Straya: Australia

Dog’s breakfast = used to describe something chaotic.

Put a sock in it = shut up

On ya bike = tell someone this when you don’t want to have anything to do with someone. 

Piss off = get lost

Throw a shrimp on the barbie = a way to invite someone to come over to your house for lunch, where you throw a shrimp (a yabby) (or a “snag”, thats a sausage) on the barbie (BBQ)

Barbie= barbecue

Crikey, blimey = euphemisms used to express amazement or surprise. 

Beauty! = another word for “great”, you can also say “You Beauty!” 

Stoked = Awesome, something amazing

Bloody = very. 

Bloody oath = true or yes. 

Cupa: a cup of tea

A cold one = beer 

Slab: 24-pack of beer”

Maccas = McDonald’s 

Arvo = afternoon 

Avo = avocado 

Bottle-O = bottle shop, a place to buy alcohol. 

Ambo: ambulance

Servo: service station

Chockers: very full

Fair Dinkum: true, real, genuine

Pash: a long passionate kiss. 

Bathers = swimsuit eg. “These bathers are so uncomfortable!”

Bogan = an unsophisticated individual from a low socio status. 

bludger = someone who is lazy. 

Copa: policeman

Tradie: tradesman

Chippy: Carpenter

Sparki: Electrician

Bricki: Bricklayer

Woop Woop = middle of nowhere. 

Sickie = a sick day off work. 

Whinge: whine

Ta: thank you

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