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Below you will find the latest lessons from English with Adriana….

Improve your English Speaking Skills

"I can't speak in English" is a common statement I hear from many English learners, but there are tips you can use to speak English confidently.  In this video lesson I will share with you reasons why you can't speak in English, things you can do to improve your...

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“I Feel Shy Speaking in English”

‚ÄúI Feel Shy When I Speak English‚ÄĚ: does this sound like you? Many English learners feel shy speaking in English, as it may be your second language.¬† Learn how to stop being shy when speaking in English with these 9 tips you can use on a daily basis. Watch the video...

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Informal Contractions in English

Would you like to sound more like a native English speaker?  If yes, then its time to learn informal contractions English speakers to help you sound more like a native English speaker. In this lesson, you will learn how to pronounce contractions English speakers use...

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How To Stop Using Subtitles

How can you stop using subtitles while watching TV shows and movies in English?  In this video lesson, you will learn why you should stop using subtitles while TV to improve not only your listening skills but also your English fluency Watch the video lesson to learn...

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I want to speak English like …..

I want to speak English like... Do you want to speak English like a certain person?  So you want to sound exactly like that person when you have to speak in English? The question I am answering today in The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast is one that many of you have been...

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