Cool Situation: How to Achieve English Fluency if you’re not living in an English Speaking Country?

by | Jun 21, 2021 | The English with Adriana podcast

Would you like to move to an English-speaking country to improve your level of English?

Time and time again I hear from students that they cannot speak English fluently because they do not live in an English-speaking country, it is hard to find English speaking opportunities and therefore they are not confident speaking in English

in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity!

Thanks to modern technology, it has never been easier to connect with English speakers around the world, and you do not even need to go to an English-speaking country!

Improve your English skills by listening to today’s conversations episode, where I am joined with Favio from @coolsituation2001, where we chat about: how to achieve english fluency if you are not living in an English speaking country?

Favio shares with us his experience mastering the English language to be ablet to speak fluently by living in Argentina and how you can do the same if you are not living in an English speaking country.


This podcast episode is a great resource to use to improve your listening skills and better understand different English accents.

Listen to the full episode below

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