You CAN become a FLUENT AND CONFIDENT ENGLISH SPEAKER if you use the right techniques and the right materials!

Get the speaking practice you deserve and FINALLY improve your spoken English in our online classroom The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom

The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom is an online ESL training program that will walk you through every single step of the English learning process so you never feel confused, lost or stuck.

All the lessons are online in video, audio, live lessons, mp, and PDF format.  As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can access the training program from anywhere in the world, be that on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.  

Lessons are designed for intermediate to advanced speakers of English as a foreign language to dramatically improve English conversation skills.

“Before The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom, it used to take me a while before I felt confident enough to speak in English. I felt ashamed to talk and, because of that, I used to get nervous and to forget the words. But now that I have the chance to participate in conversations every week, I feel much more confident, and English has turned into something natural for me. With The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom, I was able to meet new people, to discuss all kinds of subjects and to understand more about other cultures while practicing my English skills. It’s a fun and cultural experience that I recommend to everyone.”


from Italy

“I am more than happy that I joined The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom.  Sincerely I tell you this is a FANTASTIC online course, it helped me improve my speaking, writing, listening, and reading, and has been helping me to speak like a native! I strongly recommend everybody who is intent and looking to improve their English to enrol in #UsingEnglishTP… you will have never regret joining this course! My appreciation, respect and love to my English native teacher Adriana” Jedo

from Sudan

“The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom is an awesome program with excellent material sent every week by Adriana. we have 2 group calls per week where we talk about different topics and practice the new vocabulary. In these group calls Adriana ask us different questions Which force us to think and SPEAK IN ENGLISH! Many times if you don’t know/remember a specific word, you have to explain what you mean and in my opinion this is superb….” Maik

from Brazil

“After joining #UsingEnglishTP, I think that learning English is so interesting, because I know how to learn English in an efficient way, and when I used English to talk with native speaker that I felt more confident than before. In each class I can improve my listening, writing, speaking and reading skills” Yunxian

from Taiwan

“The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom is not like other online English programs, because we are really using English, not just taking online lessons. The topics of this program are interesting, diverse, also covered holistic of English learning (reading writing listening and speaking). I would like to recommend everyone join our program and improve together! ” Violet

from Taiwan

I am really grateful to #UsingEnglishTP for opening new doors to me to learn English very fast and efficiently. Talking with an amazing native teacher about different topics, participating in group calls and finding many useful materials are some reasons that I highly recommend this program to everyone. According to the received feedback from my friends and my colleagues, my improvement in English after joining #UsingEnglishTP is as clear as crystal. Homa

from Iran

“You would never get tired of watching Adriana’s English lessons, because she’s constantly trying out new things, and always has a bright smile that lights up your day! I recommend Adriana’s lessons to anyone on their journey to conquer the English language!” Laura

from University of Toronto

“As a member, I have a weekly plan to study #UsingEnglihTP. The program has many resources to study every week. My writing is better than when I first, and my speaking skills are getting better. The program is really for me to improve my English, because every day and every week, it makes me listen, read, speak and write in English! #UsingEnglishTP has been an important part of my English learning development; the program can make me to practice steadily and consistently.” Rachel

from Korea

“#UsingEnglishTP is a NEW experience to learn English because it provides me many different ways to practice my speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. Here I also meet many friends from different countries. We learn together and make progress together. Fortunately, I never regret to join #UsingEnglishTP.” Feng

from China

Get the speaking practice you deserve and FINALLY improve your spoken English in our online classroom

Improve your English; improve your confidence using the English language for better life opportunities with us in The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom

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