Extra English Practice: The Power of Sharing Your Story to Maintain a Conversation.

by | Sep 27, 2021 | The English with Adriana podcast

When was the last time you told someone a story?

Think about the last time that you had a conversation in your native language. 

Did you just ask questions and answer them, or did you or the person you were speaking with share more personal information about yourself or an event?

Sharing your story or experience when meeting someone new or having a conversation is a great way to get to know people better, share more information about yourself so that the listener can get to know you better and to develop more meaningful connections using the English language.

Improve your English skills by listening to today’s conversations episode, where I am joined with Mischa and Larissa from @extraenglishpractice where we chat about: the power of sharing your story to maintain a conversation

Mischa and Larissa share with us their experience using podcasts and audio books to consume content, and which one is more effective to learn a second language, stories of their favourite gifts they have received and why it is important to share you story and how to do this effectively to have better conversations in English.


Mischa and Larissa are from Canada and have a Candian accent

This podcast episode is a great resource to use to improve your listening skills and better understand different English accents.

Listen to the full episode below

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