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🤔 you have been studying English for a while, and you still have difficulty making a complex English sentence

🤔 you make grammatical errors which have distracted people in conversations and made people misunderstand what you are saying 

🤔 sometimes people misunderstand you because you use the wrong verb tenses

🤔 it is hard to express yourself, and your opinion, as you do in your own language

🤔When speaking with English speakers, they always ask you to repeat yourself

🤔You are scared that you will make mistakes and people will think that you sound dumb or silly

🤔You know your English is OK, but you can’t speak and express yourself like you want to

🤔 You want to speak and improve; you’ve tried traditional learning methods, but they were ineffective

🤔You simply want to improve your Fluency and finally use grammar correctly!

If it does, then you already know that you are missing out on a lot of professional and personal development opportunities because you cannot use grammar correctly when speaking English!

No matter how fluent you are in English, if you make grammatical errors, they will reflect badly on how people perceive you. 

I’m Adriana (Your Speaking Coach!)

I know what it feels like to feel shy, scared, and even frustrated that you make so many mistakes speaking English, having gone through the learning process myself moving from Australia to Croatian and learning Croatian as a second language. You don’t have to feel like that, there is an easy way to drastically improve grammar skills and ultimately your confidence speaking English.

I help English learners’ breakthrough their fear of speaking English, by understanding their problems, creating clear learning plans and providing opportunities to get feedback and support to speak and use their English skills. My approach is different from old boring methods. I give my students a step-by-step plan, access to impactful resources, daily LIVE support, and most importantly you will never learn alone!

I’ve created The Advanced Grammar Training, a step-by-step learning plan for YOU which you can do anywhere from the world!

To finally Speak English Confidently with minimal mistakes➞ You must be regularly improving your grammar skills and speaking (use) your English as much as possible!

That is exactly how you learn in The Advanced Grammar Training

3 easy steps to improve your grammar skills when speaking

1 ) Easy step-by-step grammar learning plan to understand the fundamentals of English grammar to improve your communciation skills
2 ) Daily Speaking Classes with a native English speaker to get feedback on your grammar and use your English as much as possible



3) Join daily live workshops with Adriana to ask questions real time and get instant answers and support to finally stop making mistakes and feel more confident speaking English!

1) The step-by-step grammar course

Section 1: Learn the basics of English grammar to check your communication skills  (over 30+ hours worth of content)

Section 2: Perfect your knowledge of time tenses to speak and express yourself correctly (over 50+ hours worth of content)

Section 3: Master articles and other tricky important grammar points to avoid confusion and speak accurately. (over 40+ hours worth of content)

Section 4: Leran how to structre a sentence correctly to write and speak with minimal mistakes (over 20+ hours worth of content)

Section 5: Speaking practice using the most important grammar points to enable you to speak confidently (over 20+ hours worth of content)


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2) Daily Speaking Classes

Overcome your fear of speaking in English by joining daily speaking classes in our classroom. Connect with other English speakers in daily group calls (from Monday-Friday) hosted by a native English teacher.

Daily Speaking Classes are an opportunity to meet other English speakers in real-time, ask questions, and start discussions to ensure you are using grammar correctly!

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3) Join Daily Live Workshops

To help you further help you achieve your goal and get support, join me live, where you can ask me any questions you may have about what you need to do to improve your English.

These workshops are 30 minutes long, and will be held at different times throughout the week. This is the time for you to ask me specific questions about planning your learning, what you need to do and how to effectively practice.

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