How many phrasal verbs should I learn?

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How many phrasal verbs should you learn?  Native English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time, and at times it can be hard to avoid using them.  So, if native English speakers use them all the time, why wouldn’t you?  In this video lesson, we will go through how many phrasal verbs you should learn to improve your English speaking skills, and also go through tips to help you better remember and use phrasal verbs when speaking in English.

Watch the video lesson to learn how many phrasal verbs you should learn

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How many phrasal verbs should you learn?

As native English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time, you should know a wide range of phrasal verbs to be able to express yourself in English.  There is no exact number of phrasal verbs I can tell you that you need to learn, but I do suggest that you pay attention to how natives use phrasal verbs so that you can incorporate them when you have to speak in English.

Though, there are easy ways you can learn phrasal verbs to improve your English vocabulary.

The easy ways to learn phrasal verbs by topic mentioned in the video lesson are:

1.  Immerse yourself with English and pay attention to phrasal verbs being used

2.  Learn Phrasal Verbs by topic

3.  Write down those topics on a piece of paper

4.  Divide your diary/vocabulary book into topics, and add any new phrasal verbs you hear or learn under those topics

5.  Personalize those phrasal verbs, by making sentences using those phrasal verbs which related directly to you

6.  Listen to natural conversations in English, so that you can hear phrasal verbs being used naturally in English

7.  Use any new phrasal verbs you learn in spoken form.  Find an English speaking partner, with whom you can practice speaking and using these phrasal verbs

** In the video lesson we went through a story teaching you how to learn phrasal verbs through immersion.  For the full lesson notes on the text click here to watch it

Watch the whole video on my YouTube Channel or download the podcast episode to learn how you can speak and think in English

Download the audio lesson below:

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