How to learn English by listening to music?


Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul needs. That’s what they say, right? But music is so much more than a medicine. It can be a learning tool also. If you are wondering how to learn English and you are not a book lover, listen to this – you can learn English with songs and that way improve your fluency in English!

Listening to music is an excellent and efficient method to improve your English.

Not only that it helps you learn new vocabulary and pronunciation, but it also teaches you a lot about English culture.

You can learn a lot about English-speaking countries and their culture by listening to music.

How often have you played a song over and over in your mind?

Music is also a great way to learn new vocabulary because the sound of music makes it easier for the words to stick in your mind.

This can help you easily memorize new vocabulary and phrases.


Remember friends…

If you want to improve your English and reach a very high level of fluency, you need to work on your vocabulary.

And there’s no better way to do this than by listening to music.

That way you’ll have some fun and also gain more knowledge.

Find some music you like and listen to it.

Pay attention to pronunciation and words you haven’t heard yet.

Discover their meaning and keep a journal of newly discovered words.


Learn English by listening to music

So, how can you learn English by listening to music?

Turn up your speakers and clean your throat!  

1. Sing along.

Singing along with your favourite English song can help you with your pronunciation. You will start pronouncing words correctly and link words together.

When you talk, you may experience some difficulties in the flow of your sentences. Listening to music and singing along with English songs can help you overcome these difficulties.

Your English sentences will flow more naturally and you will speak more confidently.

2. Read the lyrics.

Read through the lyrics of your favourite songs and try to find some interesting phrases and look them up in a dictionary.

This is a great way to learn new vocabulary and see how the words are used in normal sentences. Write down the words or phrases that you don’t understand and look up their definitions and synonyms.

Who knows, maybe the synonym of the word will be more familiar to you, so you will memorize the new word more easily.

By listening to music you can even learned many new idioms and expressions! Even slang!

Many contemporary artists love to use slang words and these expressions can be very interesting to learn.

Learning such expressions can help you in conversations with native speakers because they frequently use such words.

By knowing what they are actually saying, you will avoid awkward situations and your conversation will flow naturally.

If you want to learn more fun ways to learn English, you can check some of them out by clicking here.


Remember to practice! PPP (Perfect Practice makes Perfect)

If you do not practice using your English in a natural context, then you will loose your English.  It is one thing to be able to know all of these rules, structures and hearing these tips; though another to be using and applying your knowledge!

A common mistake that many English learners make (maybe EVEN YOU!)  is that they do not practice!  The more you practice, the better you will get.  You have to be practicing on a consistent basis, applying your knowledge.  Only in this way WILL YOU IMPROVE YOUR SPOKEN ENGLISH.   

Speaking with friends, communicating in English on a consistent basis, making mistakes, working on fixing your mistakes and getting feedback on your spoken English will help you identify YOUR common mistakes, work on these mistakes so that you CAN improve your spoken English and communication skills! 

Final Suggestions:

Start Speaking in English TODAY!  

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