How to Remember Vocabulary FAST!

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Would you like to remember vocabulary fast when speaking in English? Many English learners make the mistakes of writing down long lists of new English vocabulary in hope that they will remember them fast. Look, maybe even you have done this in the past.

Writing lists and trying to memorise those words will help you in the short term, but when you have to remember that vocabulary speaking in English it is hard and most likely you will forget it.  If you struggle with this problem, this lesson is perfect for you.  In this lesson well go through 8 ways you can better remember vocabulary fast.

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In order to remember English Vocabulary fast when speaking in English, you need to be learning new vocabulary the right way.

Look, making cue cards and posting post-it notes around your house is great if you are at a beginner level, but as you are here reading or watching this video lesson, then I am assuming that you are at an intermediate level and you want to progress to an advanced level.

To do this, you will need to learn English vocabulary through immersion to help you remember vocabulary fast.

The first step to remember English vocabulary fast is to be immersing yourself in the English language as much as possible,

1. Immersion:  Immersion is when you surround yourself with as much English as possible.  That is in both written, spoken, visual and audio form.  You can immerse yourself with the English language in both English speaking and non-English speaking countries.  The ways I like to recommend to my students, and how I immerse myself in my second language, is by watching TV shows and movies, listening to music, listening to podcasts and reading books and magazines.  Through immersion, you will hear how vocabulary is used, how English speakers use that vocabulary in various situations, which will help you better remember that vocabulary fast when speaking in English.

2. Understand for Context: While listening to English or reading anything in English and you stumble accross a new word, instead of focusing on that word 

3. Write down and new words you may hear: if you come across a new word, not once but a few times, only then write it down in your vocabulary notebook as it is probably a word that you will need to learn and use, as in the context that you are developing, it is being used a lot.

4. Look up the definition of the words if you have to: if you stumble across a new word, and you really don’t know what it means after trying to think about what context you found that word in, only then look up the definition of that word in a dictionary or online and 

5. Make sentences with the new vocabulary: Repetition is key friends.  The more you use those new words and repeat that word both verbally and in written form, the better you will be able to remember that new vocabulary in the future.  One way you can repeat new words is by writing down sentences related to your in your vocabulary learning notebook.  Make sure that these sentences are directly related to you so that it is easier for you to write them down

6. Record yourself saying these sentences out loud: writing down sentences is great to train your brain to think faster, but if you want to be able to remember these words when speaking in English, it is great to be actually practicing saying these words out loud and making it a habit to move your mouth.  One way of making this a habit is by recording your voice saying these sentences out loud.  This will help you get used to saying these sentences and also work on your pronunciation.

7. Speak with other English speakers as much as possible:  When you are having conversations with other English speakers, it is important for you to try to use those new words you practised by yourself, but now in real life situations.  The more you push yourself to use these words in spoken form with real people, the better and faster you will be able to remember them in the future.

8. Patience: It really is the key to successfully remember vocabulary fast.  Remember to practice consistently, on a daily basis, and be patient.  Reward yourself for small daily achievement, and in the long term, it will get a lot easier to remember vocabulary fast.

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