How to Speak English Confidently?

by | Nov 13, 2018 | English Speaking Tips | 6 comments

How to speak English confidently?  This question is probably the most asked question I get asked on my website and across all social media.  In this video lesson, we will go through tips to help you overcome your fears of speaking in English to enable you to speak English confidently. 

Watch the video lesson to learn how to speak English Confidently

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How to be confident speaking in English?

 Below you will find the tips shared throughout the video lesson:

Try to overcome your self-limiting beliefs: sometimes we can place restrictions on our thoughts, based on our past experiences.  These restrictions become limitations and a form of self-limitation.  Identify these limitations and try to construct them in a positive way to identify key points you need to work on to speak English confidently.

Try to not confuse your memories with facts: do not confuse what happened in the past, and the memories that you created with that event to be true.  

Talk to yourself: to encourage yourself to be positive and tell yourself that you can speak English confidently.

Think positive to overcome your negative bias: instead of saying that you cannot remember words or use grammar correctly when speaking in English, try to reword your limitations into positive statements

Face your fears: do something every single day to overcome your fears speaking in English.  

Be curious: consistently look for ways to practice your English and work on your limitations.  Be creative and find groups and people online and offline 

Overcome self-doubt: try to work on overcoming your self-doubt by completing daily tasks to work on your Engish and speak more consistenly in English

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