How to Speak English Well? (4 easy steps to improve your Speaking Skills)

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Would you like to speak English well, though you are stuck improving your English speaking skills?  There are easy steps you can start applying today, from your very home, to help you improve your English speaking skills.

In todays video lesson you will learn the four steps to start speaking in English, to help you boost your confidence in speaking in English!

Watch the video lesson to learn 4 tips to help you speak English well…

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Below you will find the full lesson notes from the video lesson…

In this video lesson, we went through 4 steps to help you start speaking in English.  Below you will find an explanation of these four steps.

Friends, You CAN speak in English from your very own home, even if you are living in a non-English speaking country and have nobody to speak in English with….. if you use the four steps to help you start speaking in English!

The four steps to start speaking in English are:

  1. immersion
  2. shadowing
  3. speaking
  4. writing

Let’s learn about this in a lot more detail to help you start speaking in English today!


surround yourself in the English language by watching movies and listening to music. Anything you listen to, watch on TV or on the internet DO IT IN ENGLISH! You can use subtitles, though ONLY ENGLISH SUBTITLES!


2. Shadowing technique: Use the shadowing technique while you are surrounded by the English language.

By shadowing what you are listening to, you will do the theory to learning the English language.  You will practice your pronunciation, work on intonation, learn word stress and rhythm so that you sound more natural when speaking English!


3. Speak in English with friends!

Find a friend to speak English with so that you can practice what you have learned through immersion and applying the shadowing technique!


4.Write in English so that you push yourself to think in English.

Put pen to paper, get your brain to think about all those words you know, and you will see that you ARE able to use new words and grammatical structures.

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