How to Speak Internet? (Texting Abbreviations)

by | Aug 3, 2018 | English Vocabulary Lesson

Are you struggling to speak on the internet in English?  You may have seen that many English speakers use texting abbreviations such as BRB, GTG, LMAO and you are confused as to what these mean.

In this video lesson, we will go through common texting abbreviations to help you better speak on the Internet in English

Watch the video lesson to learn how to speak on the Internet with common text abbreviations

Make sure to turn on subtitles by clicking the CC button if you are struggling to follow the lesson 🙂

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Below you will find the common texting and internet abbreviations 

2 = To or Too

4 = For

Y = Why

R = Are

UR = You Are or Your

U= you

2morrow = tommorrow

2nite = tonight

b4 = before

bbl = be back later

brb = be right back

btw = by the way

bff = best friends forever

cya = see you later

g2g = go to go

gr8 = great

H8 = Hate

IDK= I dont know

jk or j/k = joke / joking

l8r= later

lmao= laughing my ass off

lol = laughing out loud

M8 = Mate

np = no problem

omg = oh my god

plz= please

rofl = rolling on the floor laughing

STR8 = Straight

thx thks thx = thanks

TBH= to be honest

TMI = Too Much Information

TTYL = Talk To You Later

xoxo= kisses and hugs

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