How to Train your Brain to Think Fast in English!

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How to train your brain to think fast in English?  Use these 3 steps to help you start training your brain to think fast in English.  Together well go through the 3 steps you should be taking to enable you to train your brain to think fast in English, and some tips to help you stay consistent and motivated to think fast when speaking in English.  

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How to train your brain to think fast in English?

Below you will find the 3 Simple steps to train your brain to think faster in English

1. Immersion: Surrounding yourself with the English language as much as possible.  Immersion means that you are listening and reading to as much English as possible.  Make it a daily habit to listen to a podcast, song or watch a movie or TV show in English to hear native English speakers speaking in English.  You could also read a book, the newspaper or articles in English to see new words, grammar, phrases and expressions being used in English naturally.  By immersing yourself in English, you will be subconsciously training your brain to process information faster in English, and use this new information in the future,

2. Stop translating:  By translating you are doing a lot more work than necessary and it is not improving your ability to think in English.  Instead of using a bilingual dictionary, use a monolingual dictionary to look up the definition of new words.  Also, when you identify a new word, make sure to be using that new word in a sentence or in context, so that you remember how to use that word and think of it faster when you have to speak in English.

3. Use your English: If you are not using your English on a regular basis, you will never see improvements in your ability to think in English.  The more you use your English in spoken and written form, the faster you will see improvements in your ability to think in English.  Use your English by writing every day or speaking to somebody every day, to use the new knowledge you learned.  This will also give you a chance to test yourself and see your progress in your ability to think faster in English.  If you feel like you are not making any progress, use the tips below to help you train your brain to think faster in English.


Tips to help you train your brain to think faster in English

  1. Don’t use a bilingual dictionary
  2. Learn vocabulary in phrases, not single words
  3. Start using the vocabulary as soon as possible.
  4. Talk to yourself in English.
  5. Role-play situations and conversations with yourself
  6. Record yourself speaking in English
  7. Get an English-speaking friend or partner
  8. Talk to real people

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