How to use Netflix to learn English

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Are you using Netflix to watch TV shows?  Why not use Netflix and watch popular English TV shows in English to improve your level of spoken English.

 In this English lesson, you will learn how to use Netflix to learn English and improve your level of spoken English

Watch the video lesson to learn how to use Netflix to learn English

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How to use Netflix to improve your level of English?

In order to be improving your level of English, it is important to be constantly surrounded by the English language.

Now there is a technical term for this, and this is called immersion

By immersing yourself in the English language, you will hear words, phrases, expression, and grammar being used naturally, which you can use when speaking in English.

Netflix is a great way to immerse yourself in the English language.

When choosing a TV show to watch on Netflix, it is important to choose a TV show that you like and you are genuinely interested in.

Also, while watching the TV show, make sure to be using only English subtitles.

Watch the whole video lesson above, to learn the tips to use when watching TV shows on Netflix to improve your level of English

Do you use Netflix to improve your level of English?

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