How to speak in English?

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In this lesson, we’ll be learning how you can start speaking in English today using the shadowing technique. We’ll go through what the shadowing technique is, how to use the shadowing technique and finally how you can start speaking in English today!

Friends the shadowing technique is the best technique to get you started speaking in English. Remember you want to be speaking in English! You want to move your mouth make sounds and speak in English by using the shadowing technique.

You’ll be able to reduce your accent improve your pronunciation learn words stress intonation and rhythm so what is the shadowing technique?

Watch the video lesson to learn how to speak in English using the shadowing technique

Make sure to turn on subtitles by clicking the CC button if you are struggling to follow the lesson 🙂

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Below you will find notes from the video lesson

The shadowing technique is when you repeat after the speakers.  So, you listen to something you hear and you repeat after to apply the shadowing technique you need to have some audio material

I suggest that you choose an audio material with a transcript this will make it easier for you once you’ve found an audio and have a transcript this is when you can apply and do the shadowing technique

I suggest that you first listen to the audio and follow the transcript listen and follow transcript then suggests that you listen to the audio

Then I suggest that you listen to the audio again but stop at every 10 seconds and applied the shadowing technique. I suggest that you stop every 10 seconds so that it’s simply not too overwhelming and too difficult for you! Let’s do this together so that you can understand. Below is the description, you’ll find a natural conversation between two English speakers. Let’s listen to the first 10 seconds together so first I will listen to the audio and just follow the transcript.

Now we’ve listened to the audio and now we’re going to apply the shadow technique. We’re going to repeat after the speaker so the speaker said have you finished reading that book I gave you and I will repeat and you’ll be as well have you finished reading that book I gave you

Speak out-loud: Have you finished reading that book I gave you?

EXCELLENT! We’re shadowing friends! This is what the shadowing technique is! So you are speaking in English.

Make sure to take note and to copy exactly what the speaker is saying! If the speaker is adding stress on certain words you do that as well if they are pausing you make a pause too 🙂 

The audio below in the description goes for about two to three minutes. What I suggest that you do is listen to the audio and apply the shadowing technique at every 10-second interval.

This will make it easier for you-you’ll be able to break down information and you’ll be more motivated to shadow and to speak in English.  Friends while applying the shadowing technique be positive J

Try to stay as optimistic as you can it will take time it will take dedication and it is probably hard for you at the moment.

Don’t worry about making mistakes.  Mistakes are a part of the learning process! The more mistakes you make, the better you will get!

A great way to see the mistakes that you’re making is to record yourself.  While shadowing try to record your voice and then listen to voice compared to the speaker. Doing this, you’ll be able to see where you are making mistakes in your pronunciation intonation or word stress.

I don’t suggest that you spend two to three hours every day doing the shadowing technique. Friends remember it’s important to set small and realistic goals!

One to two minutes of effective shadowing a day is enough! It’s more than enough try to remain consistent and set small goals!

Use the shadowing technique. Try to shadow for one to two minutes each day and you will see results and improvements in your spoken English in the long term. If you remain consistent and pay attention to the mistakes that you’re making and try to work on your mistakes you’ll see results in your spoken English.

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