I want to speak English like …..

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I want to speak English like…

Do you want to speak English like a certain person?  So you want to sound exactly like that person when you have to speak in English?

The question I am answering today in The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast is one that many of you have been asking me on my Instagram stories.  Friends, it is possible to sound like me or any other English speaker, though it does require you to take a few consistent daily steps to get there.


In this episode, you’ll learn…

🌟 Learn the importance of identifying exactly why you want to speak like that persons

🌟 You will learn the steps to take to start sounding like that person when speaking in English

🌟 The importance of staying consistent with daily practice to achieve results in your speaking skills in the long term.

Listen (and download) to the episode below:

 Below you will find some notes from the podcast episode…

Now, before you decide who you want to sound like when speaking in English, it is very important to identify exactly why do you want to speak like that person?

Is it because you like…

….you like their word choice to express themselves in English?

….you like their accent?

….you like how well or bad they use grammar?

….you like their presentation skills?

….because they are a native English speaker?

Before you begin working on developing your speaking skills like that person, clearly identify why it is that you want to sound like that person, so that you can stay consistent in your learning.

Great, so now you know why you want to sound like that person, now you need to actually do something to improve your English speaking skills.

You need to actually work and change the way that you are learning so that you can sound like them in the next few months. 

30 minutes of effective study every day is more than enough to get you speaking like that person in the next few months

shadowing and imitating on a regular basis so that you can sound like them.

along with shadowing, you will have to learn words, grammar, phrases, idioms, and expressions use

consistently do something to improve your level of English


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