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“I can’t speak in English” is a common statement I hear from many English learners, but there are tips you can use to speak English confidently.  In this video lesson I will share with you reasons why you can’t speak in English, things you can do to improve your English speaking skills and finally mindsets that you need to apply to improve your English speaking skills!

Watch the video lesson to understand why you can’t speak in English, and tips to speak English confidently

Make sure to turn on subtitles by clicking the CC button if you are struggling to follow the lesson 🙂

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Below you will find the notes from the video lesson:

Before we go through exactly how to improve your speaking skills, friends I do need to tell you that there is only one thing you need to keep in mind to improve your speaking skills…

….that is consistency.

You need to practice English on a daily basis to see improvements in your speaking skills.

Not once a week, not once a fortnight, you need consistent daily practice 🙂

If you are struggling to stay consistent learning English, I have created a free pdf guide which I use in my online training programs, to help you plan out your goals, create a clear learning plan to  help you stay consistent on a daily basis with your English learning

>>Click here to download your free pdf learning plan

Now friends, if you are watching this video lesson and you can understand 50-80 % of everything I am saying, you already have everything you need to be able to start speaking in English!

You already know words and phrases which you can use to speak in English…. you just need to start 🙂

Though there may be reasons why you haven’t started and why you feel that:  “I can’t speak in English

1. You are shy and scared to speak in English

2. When you have to speak in English, you forget all the words and grammar rules you need to use

3. You get angry at yourself because you know English but you keep forgetting all the words and rules

4. You give up and stop learning and improving your English on a daily basis

How can you improve your confidence speaking in English

Shadowing: Shadowing is when you listen to someone speaking in English and you repeat out loud everything that the speaker is saying.  Click here to learn more about the shadowing technique

Create role-play situations or situations you may find yourself in the future and talk about these situations to yourself

Talk in front of a mirror and recreate these stuations, so that you feel more comfortable speaking in English and looking at yourself speaking in Engish.

Record your voice: give yourself feedback on your pronunciation and fluency by recording your voice and comparing your speaking skills to that what you are shadowing.

Find someone to speak in English with there is no better way to improve your English speaking skills than to be speaking to other English speakers.  find someone to speak to in English and test if you are able to keep the conversation going.  

Now that you know how to start, you need to also change your mindset and the way you perceive learning English!

Keep these mindsets in mind when feeling down improve your English speaking skills:

Be proud of your level of English: never be ashamed of your level of English or apologize for your level of English, as knowing how to be able to speak in English is a skill which you can use all your life.

Learn from your mistakes: mistakes are great to be making as you are really using your knowledge.  It is important to make mistakes, but also to learn from your mistakes so that you improve in the future.

Don’t compare yourself with others: everyone learns different and everyone expresses themselves differently.  Only compare your progress from yesterday to tomorrow.

Watch the whole video lesson to learn about the above points in greater detail.


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