Irregular Verbs in English

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Improve your English grammar skills by learning these 100 common irregular English verbs you are most likely using when speaking in English.  In the video lesson below we will quiz your knowledge of these 100 irregular English words, and work on your pronunciation, to help you speak better in Engish.

Watch the video lesson to learn 100 Common Irregular English Verbs

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100 Common Irregular English Verbs

Below you will find a list of the 100 Common Irregular English Verbs we went through in this video lesson

infinitive         simple past      past participle

beat          beat          beaten

become        became            become

begin            began  begun

bet          bet       bet

blow          blew    blown

break            broke            broken

bring           brought           brought

build          built              built

burst           burst            burst

buy          bought          bought

catch          caught          caught

choose        chose   chosen

come          came    come

cost            cost     cost

cut           cut       cut

deal            dealt    dealt

do            did               done

draw          drew    drawn

drink          drank   drunk

drive          drove   driven

eat           ate       eaten

fall           fell       fallen

feed           fed      fed

feel          felt      felt

fight           fought          fought

find            found           found

fly           flew     flown

forget         forgot           forgotten

freeze         froze             frozen

get           got            got, gotten

give            gave    given

go            went             gone

grow          grew    grown

hang           hung    hung

have           had      had

hear            heard   heard

hide            hid       hidden

hit            hit        hit

hold           held     held

hurt            hurt     hurt

keep           kept     kept

know          knew   known

lay           laid      laid

lead            led       led

leave          left      left

lend            lent      lent

let            let        let

light       lit         lit

lose          lost      lost

make          made            made

mean          meant           meant

meet           met               met

pay          paid              paid

56 put           put                put

read            read              read

ride          rode              ridden

ring         rang              rung

rise          rose              risen

 run           ran                run

say           said              said

see           saw               seen

 sell           sold              sold

send           sent              sent

set           set                set

shake          shook           shaken

steal           stole           stolen

shine          shone            shone

shoot          shot              shot

 shut            shut              shut

 sing            sang              sung

 sink            sank              sunk

 sit            sat                sat

sleep           slept             slept

slide           slid               slid

speak          spoke            spoken

spend         spent            spent

spring         sprang          sprung

stand          stood            stood

82 stick           stuck            stuck

83 swear         swore           sworn

sweep         swept           swept

swim          swam            swum

swing         swung          swung

take            took     taken

teach          taught  taught

tear          tore      torn

tell           told     told

think          thought           thought

throw         threw   thrown

understand  understood     understood

wake       woke   woken

wear           wore    worn

 weave        wove   woven

win          won     won

write          wrote   written

burn           burnt   burnt

dream       dreamt/dreamed  dreamt/dreamed

learn          learnt/learned   learnt/learned

smell        smelt   smelt


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