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 Welcome to The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast- where you will learn how to make time to drastically improve your confidence speaking in English! This English learning podcast brings you tips, tricks and motivation to not only learn and master the English language, but become a confidence English speaker!

Every weekday, from Monday to Friday a new podcast episode is posted to answer common questions you have about how to improve your English speaking skills.  The questions answered are all common questions many of you have been asking me on my social media accounts which are designed to help you improve your confidence speaking in English

Each new episode is about 5-15 minutes long, and focuses on small daily tasks you can take to improve your English speaking skills.

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Once common question many of you ask me is How to improve your English speaking skills?

As you already know, there are many areas and different factors you need to take into consideration and study when trying to improve your English speaking skills.

The #AskAdriana series will answer your common questions about how to improve your English speaking skills and speak with total confidence.

Below you will find a full playlist of all the episodes from the series.  I suggest that you begin with the first episode and continue on from there….

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All the questions chosen for the #AskAdriana podcast series are chosen from my Instagram profile (click here to follow me on  Instagram @englishwithadriana) Once a week, an insta story is posted where I ask you to send me your questions.  Only questions answered in this poll will be considered to be answered the following week.

Advanced English Listening Practice

One great way to improve your English Speaking skills is by immersing yourself in the English language.  To help you better immerse yourself in the English language, below you will find interviews with English speakers from around the world, with different English accents.

In each podcast episode, not only will you train your brain to better understand the English language, but you will also hear new expressions and phrases you can use when talking about these topics in English

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Do you need more English listening practice?

Below you will find the full show notes from the interviews to help you better practice your listening skills

How to Improve your Reading Skills?

Learn how to improve your Reading skills with these tips. Reading is soo important, while you are reading you are improving your overall English skills. Watch the whole video lesson to learn exactly how to improve your reading skills and your overall English skills...

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How to Remember Vocabulary FAST!

Would you like to remember vocabulary fast when speaking in English? Many English learners make the mistakes of writing down long lists of new English vocabulary in hope that they will remember them fast. Look, maybe even you have done this in the past. Writing lists...

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“I Feel Shy Speaking in English”

“I Feel Shy When I Speak English”: does this sound like you? Many English learners feel shy speaking in English, as it may be your second language.  Learn how to stop being shy when speaking in English with these 9 tips you can use on a daily basis. Watch the video...

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What’s your hobby? (Interview with Meghan makes do)

What is your hobby?  Do you have any hobbies? In this episode of The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast, we will be talking about hobbies.  To help me talk about hobbies, and doing things that you love, I have invited Meghan, from Meghan makes do, to talk to us a little bit...

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