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How to make (and keep) a new years resolution?

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How to make (and keep) a New Year’s resolution?

2017 is coming soon to an end and you are most like planning for 2018!  New Year’s resolutions are very popular this time of the year.  In this ESL lesson, we will learn how to make a New Year’s resolution to set you up for success in 2018! I guess you have been looking back these days and counting all of the achievements and failures you made throughout the past year. If you are an ESL student you might be asking yourself…

Have you learned everything you wanted to in 2017? Have you progressed as planned?

It would be a good idea to set yourself a  New Year’s resolution for 2018 and to figure out how to keep your New Year’s resolution! There is a big possibility that you will feel an urge to make at least one thing bigger or smarter throughout the next year. New Year’s resolution for ESL student can be a real game changer in order to achieve English fluency…. and a lot of you may be wondering what to set as an ultimate goal for the next year. Should you improve your accent? Or maybe grammar skills? Maybe you should improve your reading skills so that you can finally read a whole English book? No matter what struggles with defining and making a New Year’s resolution you are having, it is NOT impossible to set up up your New Year’s resolution in only one day. Let’s set your resolution for the upcoming year then together 🙂

Why are New Year’s resolutions important for English learners?

To start with, it is important to be aware of the importance of making a full-year decision. Somehow the hype about changing your life with a special New Year’s resolution has died long ago, so all of this might sound tacky to you. But there is one simple psychological fact that gives constant power to this kind of goal setting. When our brains are aware of the end and starting concept, we tend to run away from the end and feel more excited about starting…. and if the ending wasn’t that brilliant , we have a big urge to do it differently the next time. The New Year is a new opportunity to change your way of living every day!

Of course, it would be rather stupid to tell you that you should make life-changing decisions once a year and only because someone told you it’s trendy. In fact, inside #UsingEnglishTP learning community we encourage students to keep up with their English motivation and goals daily!

However, a New Year’s resolution for you, as an English learner, could be a pretty big deal… You see, when we are in the learning process we often struggle with motivation for passing obstacles or breaking through to a higher English level. From time to time we need that one big push…. and New Year’s resolutions are just the push you might need! When setting up a clear long-lasting goal to improve your English fluency or to even to work on your mistakes you’ve been making with your studies, you are giving yourself a great push. So you are getting into a New Year with a fresh perspective of a motivated and determined English learner!

What is your New Year’s resolution?

So do you already know what your  New Year’s resolution is? Some of you might be well equipped for 2018, but I guess you haven’t decided on reading this post if you are confident enough in the way your year has gone by in regards to your English learning… If you already have your New Year’s resolution, keep it in mind while reading the rest of the post… because at the end you will either make it stronger or revise your New Years resolution!  …and if you are lost in 2017’s fast coming to an end, read with your brain completely wired because something might come up in your mind at the very bare end… One thing you could do is to write a New Year’s resolution essay Well, this is just a treat every English learner needs! In order to clear your mind about your New Year’s resolution, grab a piece of paper and a pen. It might sound like a drag to you, but if you are currently feeling messed up and lost, writing actually helps you to naturally structure your thoughts…. and it’s much easier to think after this…

Just start with the question we asked before: What is your New Year’s resolution?

Then just start answering the question. It doesn’t matter how you start. The only thing that matters is that there must be an answer to this question somewhere in your text. The point of this is to figure out your English learning New Year’s resolution. While you are thinking about what is your New Year’s resolution, think about what part of English learning was giving you struggles in 2017  and see if there is anything you could make different or better.

What kind of ESL speaker do you wish you are? Confident one? Fluent in accent?

Do you understand English as you imagined you would when you started learning? Do you need to learn more in a shorter period of time? Or you might be needing more reading and listening lessons? How much has your grammar truly improved over the past year? Should you pay more attention to it? Is there any part of English grammar you could name as your blind spot? In case you already know how you are going to start your English learning 2018, write about your resolution! After reading it you might find some thoughts about decisions involving English learning you weren’t quite aware of.

Best New Year’s resolution for ESL student

No matter how long your New Year’s resolution essay is, it is great as long as it involves English fluency. Every English learner should make a resolution to improve English. No matter if it is vocabulary, grammar or writing and reading. As long as you are stepping into 2018 with a word: improvement, you are playing it right!

How to keep your New Year’s resolution?

I guess you aren’t that interested in keeping your New Years resolutions right now. However, you might be wondering about this after a while… We’ll keep it real here – a very few people are able to actually keep New Year’s resolution. We are usually rapturous by the force of that big push and we feel invincible for a while…. but then everyday stress and worries pop up. Following all the obligations and schedules, poeple tend to forget about their New ears Resolutions…

The recipe for how to keep your New Year’s resolution is the same as the recipe for every other learning motivation. The only difference lies in the fact that we are putting this resolution into a box we aren’t quite aware of. The box that contains the starti and the end. So your resolution has a limitation – you have to achieve it at the end of the next year. Brilliant though, because it might keep you going much more determined and faster. So you might improve your English big time.

Now, tell me what is your New Year’s resolution? If your answer involves improving your English skills, join our learning community. There is no push like the support of other ESL students and motivating teacher! If you like it, we promise we’ll make biggest effort to keep your New Year’s resolution! Until then, feel free to keep your track with sufficient English improvement and motivation tips.

In comments below, share your ESL 2018 New Year’s resolution with us!
How do you plan to keep it? 🙂

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