The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast

by | Nov 29, 2017 |

Learn English with Adriana in The #UsingEnglishTP podcast!

The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast is an English learning resource designed to teach you REAL English, just as native English speakers learn. You will learn English you can use in your everyday life for better life opportunities using the English language.

Each episode will help you better use your English in the real world, by learning words, grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, expressions, and grammar to improve your communication skills

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Below you will find full lesson notes from the Advanced English Listening Lessons from The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast

Why is writing important?

Are you struggling with your writing? You have a feeling that you understand a lot of content in English, but when it comes to writing, you’re stuck.  Maybe you don't know where to begin when writing or even when you begin to write in English, you simply get...

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What’s your hobby? (Interview with Meghan makes do)

What is your hobby?  Do you have any hobbies? In this episode of The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast, we will be talking about hobbies.  To help me talk about hobbies, and doing things that you love, I have invited Meghan, from Meghan makes do, to talk to us a little bit...

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Corporate Slavery (Interview with Canguro English)

Have you ever heard of the term corporate slavery?  If you work for a corporation does that make you a slave, a corporate slave?  In this #UsingEnglishTP podcast episode, Chris from Canguro English will talk to us about Corporate Slavery. This podcast episode provides...

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