How to Speak Confidently in English on the Phone

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Do you feel anxious when you have to speak in English on the phone?  So you are either receiving a call or calling someone, and you start panicking! 

Improve your confidence speaking on the phone in English using these tips.  In this video lesson, I will teach you how to speak confidently in English on the phone in 2 situations.  Those being when someone calls you, and when you call somebody.

Friends, please note this is not a vocabulary lesson, but a lesson to help you SPEAK more clearly and confidently, to avoid MISCOMMUNICATION on phone calls when you are doing business, need to call institutions or simply get stuff done using your foreign language.

Watch the video lesson to learn how to speak confidently in English on the phone

Make sure to turn on subtitles by clicking the CC button if you are struggling to follow the lesson 🙂

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Let’s begin by looking at when someone calls you.  Now instead of panicking and thinking that your level of English is too low, use these tips to help improve your confidence speaking on the phone

I have used these tips speaking on the phone in my foreign language, and they work!

When someone calls you…


  1. Smile 🙂  force a smile and force a giggle so that you do not sound nervous and anxious
  2. Pay attention to keywords and key questions they are asking…
  3. If you still do not understand, have a piece of paper next to you…get a piece of paper and write down notes
  4. If you still do not understand, ask questions back to check that you fully understood what the speaker was saying 

When you call someone…


  1. prepare what you want to say before…. be that if you are calling for work purposes to book a dental apointinment, whatever you are doing you will be asking questions and you NEED the answers….prepare your questions before hand.
  1. Smile before you call… if you call somebody for something, and you DO not sound interesting, why would they help you?

A smile goes a long way, and the other person on the phone will notice that your voice sounds happy, that you are interested i talking to them, and they will then be more than happy to answer your questions,…

In both situations, it is important to….


1. speak slow and pronounce each word clearl

2, open your mouth and pronounce words clearly

Friends, these tips work.  I use them on a consistent basis living and working abroad in my forieng language, and they have helped me GET THINGS DONE on the phone, hence improve my confidence speaking on the phone!

Do you call people on the phone in English?Do you speak for work purposes or just to chat with friends?

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