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Polyglot tips for learning languages

Polyglot tips for learning languages!


Do you know any Polyglots?  A polyglot is somebody (in my opinion are very talented people) who are able to speak several different languages.  In this episode of The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast, ive invited Niki, from Speak at home tonight, to talk to us about her experience learning several different languages, and being able to speak in several different languages. In this podcast episode, Niki shares many language learning tips, you can use when learning English.  

This podcast episode will also help you better understand different English accents.  As Niki if from the US and I am from Australian, this podcast episode will provide you with great listening practice to improve your ability to understand different English accents!

Polyglot language learning tips: Use the same techniques polyglots use!


In this episode, you’ll learn…


🌟 How polyglots are able to master several different languages.

🌟 You will listen to the Australian and American accent talking about Polyglots

🌟 You will learn new vocabulary and expressions you can use when talking about Polyglots in English

Listen to the full episode below


Learn more about Niki…

If you love Niki and would like to learn more about her work, get in touch with her!

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