The English Speaking Club

(former The Whats App English Learning Group)

The English Speaking Club is my step-by-step training program where I’ll teach you my highly effective language learning tricks, so you can stop being frustrated with your level of English and start speaking English with confidence so that you can communicate with other English Speakers, get the promotion/job you want, pass your exam, enroll in the University you want and even understand movies without subtitles!

Access is by subscription only!


How will you improve your English Speaking skills?

Email PDF and MP3 Lessons

Study English Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing and Pronunciation through the weekly lesson sets sent out every Monday morning.


Learn REAL English naturally

Each week we focus on a new topic in the media through the lesson sets.  We anaylse grammar, vocbaulary and phrases to help you speak about these topics in English

Daily Speaking Challenges

Stay consistent improving your speaking skills, by completing the daily speaking challenges posted from Monday- Friday and get feedback from Adriana (your English teacher)

Weekly Live Pronunciation Lesson

Join weekly live lessons in our Secret Facebook Group, where Adriana will answer your questions and give your feedback on common pronunciation mistakes

Join Group Calls

Connect with other English learners by organising or joining group calls, to ensure that you are speaking and using the knowledge you learned throughout the week

Daily Support and Feedback from Adriana

Stop being stuck and get feedback.  I will guide you with personal speaking tips and daily support on your completed speaking challenges


 it used to take me a while before I felt confident enough to speak in English. I felt ashamed to talk and, because of that, I used to get nervous and to forget the words.  I feel much more confident, and English has turned into something natural for me.  Luisa

from Italy

“Sincerely I tell you this is a FANTASTIC online course, it helped me improve my speaking, writing, listening, and reading, and has been helping me to speak like a native!  Jedo

from Sudan

” The WhatsApp English Learning Group  is an awesome program with excellent material sent every week by Adriana…in my opinion this is superb….” Maik

from Brazil

Hi, I’m Adriana, your English speaking coach!


It takes only 30 MINUTES A DAY to see drastic improvements in your English speaking skills!

Over the last few years, I have been testing the best ways for English learners to better connect and learn through online technology to improve their English speaking skills, and finally, I have found the perfect formula, The #UsingEnglishTP method! 

The whole training program is 100 % online, as long as you have a stable internet connection you can learn from the comfort of your very own home!

Who is The English Speaking Club for?

✔you need regular speaking practice and feedback from a teacher

✔you forget words and grammar when you have to speak in English

✔you have been searching for an online speaking partner, but you have had no luck

✔ you are shy and lack confidence  speaking in English

✔you need to improve your English fluency

✔ you want to gain the confidence to better express yourself when speaking in English

“I think that learning English is so interesting because I know how to learn English in an efficient way, and when I used English to talk with a native speaker that I felt more confident than before. Yunxian

from Taiwan

” The topics of this program are interesting, diverse, also covered holistic of English learning (reading writing listening and speaking). I would like to recommend everyone join our program and improve together! ” Violet

from Taiwan

 According to the received feedback from my friends and my colleagues, my improvement in English after joining… Homa

from Iran


Every Monday members receive a new lesson set sent to their email inbox

In the lesson sets, there will be 2 files.

1. A PDF document with the lesson set and learning plan for that week

2. An MP3 audio lesson you will need to use to follow the PDF lesson set.


Below you will find the areas of English we focus on throughout the week

Reading Practice

Complete a small reading tasks to familiarise yourself with that weeks topic

Writing Practice

Complete weekly dicatation tasks to write faster in English

Listening Practice

Improve your comprehension skills by completing a weekly listening task

Accent Reduction training

Reduce your accent and sound more natural by completing the shadowing lessons.

Vocabulary Builders

Learn new vocabulary and words in the grammar builder section for that week

Grammar Builder

Learn grammar naturally from the weekly grammar anaylsis from the text


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