For English Learners Who Want To Drastically Improve their Confidence Speaking English in less than 30 days! 

You’re just seconds away from the crucial training, guidance and support you need to drastically improve your confidence speaking English, have natural conversations to sound more fluent speaking English….

introducing The Speaking Club!

an exclusive online training program you will get live support, step-by step lessons, daily speaking classes,  group chats with real English speakers & guidance from native English teachers to ensure that you see drastic improvements in as little as 7 days! 

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🤔 You can’t understand native English speakers when they speak fast English


🤔When speaking with English speakers, they always ask you to repeat yourself


🤔You know English and have been learning for years, but when you need to speak you can’t remember words or phrases


🤔You are scared that you will make mistakes and people will think that you sound dumb or silly


🤔You know your English is OK, but you can’t speak and express yourself like you want to


🤔 You want to speak and improve; you’ve tried traditional learning methods, but they were ineffective

🤔You simply want to improve your Fluency and finally speak English confidently!

If it does, then you already know that you are missing out on a lot of professional and personal development opportunities because you cannot speak fluently! 


I was tired of hearing stories from students, like you, who lost job opportunities, missed out on learning new skills and meeting new people, just because of their lack of fluency and confidence speaking English, all because of:


😩 Not being able to get promoted or find work because their English was not good enough


😩 Angry that they have tried other courses and programs, but got no daily speaking practice


😩 Giving up on learning English, because they’ve lost all their confidence and simply did not know what to do to improve!




Lucky for you, that is all in the past now…

Introducing The Speaking Club!

Hi, I’m Adriana!  Your English Speaking Coach!

I’ve created The Speaking Club the number #1 online English school designed to improve all areas of English, Reading, Listening, Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing, Pronunciation and most importantly your confidence speaking English.

Its not just a boring online course with no speaking practice and human interaction!

The Speaking Club is full of daily speaking practice you can do independently or with real online native English teachers!

PLUS in this exclusive online training program you will get live support, step-by step lessons, daily speaking classes, & group chats with real English speakers and guidance from native English teachers to ensure that you see drastic improvements in as little as 7 days!

Many of my students in the past have felt shy and scared to practice speaking, and I do not want you to feel like that.  The Speaking Club will provide you with an easy 15 minute daily learning plan for you to drastically improve your speaking skills.

As a member you will:

Improve your confidence speaking English by completing daily speaking challenges.

Understand exactly what areas you need to work on by getting feedback from professional native English speakers on your completed speaking challenges and in daily speaking classes.

Join daily speaking classes hosted by me, Adriana your Speaking Coach, to understand your exact problems and what you need to do to improve your English!

Connect with other English speakers in our global online community to ensure that you are speaking and using your English

Stay motivated in our online community and receive support from other English speakers

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 The Speaking Club will help you: 


Have a clear plan to quickly advance your English speaking proficiency 

Be understood by English Speakers so you can have natural conversations 

Quickly improve your level and become more comfortable speaking with others 

Learn at your own pace and get support when you need help or are stuck

⭐Stop being scared to speak by identifying your mistakes and working on a clear learning plan to your needs 

⭐connect and communicate with other English speakers, even if you live in a non-English speaking country

How is The Speaking Club different?











3 easy steps to improve in The Speaking Club!

1 ) Easy 30-minute daily learning plan
2 ) Daily Speaking Classes with a native English speaker


3) Daily Speaking Practice + Feedback



1) The Daily Learning Plan

✓ Improve ALL areas required to speak English with total confidence.

✓ Reading and listening quizzes.

✓ Vocabulary and grammar video lessons.


Adriana’s unique method, an impeccable design requiring only 30 minutes!

I have spent the last few years find the perfect solution to your problem: what can you do to improve your English faster to start speaking with confidence and fluency.

The daily learning plan is my signature program, an easy daily proven successful step-by-step daily learning plan for YOU which you can do anywhere from the world in less than 30 minutes a day!

Every Monday I post a new learning plan for each day of the week in our classroom. A relevant and interesting topic is chosen from the media, where together we analyse grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and phrases to help you speak about these topics in English.

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2) Daily Speaking Classes hosted by a Native English Teacher

✓ Join daily live sessions

✓ Speak with REAL English speakers.

✓ Get Feedback on your spoken English


Overcome your fear of speaking in English by joining daily speaking classes in our classroom. Connect with other English speakers in daily group calls (from Monday-Friday) hosted by a native English teacher.

Daily speaking classes are an opportunity to meet other English speakers in real-time, ask questions, and start discussions based on that week’s lesson set.

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3) Personalized Feedback and Coaching from Native English Teachers.

✓ Daily Speaking Practice

✓ Get feedback on your spoken English

✓ Identify your mistakes and improve daily.

Get direct feedback on your spoken English by joining our daily live speaking classes and completing the daily speaking challenges!

All you need to do is actively participate in the program, join the daily speaking classes and workshops so that teachers can support you and help you identify your mistakes! 

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This is  LOT more than just an ordinary online school! 


This is a LIFE CHANGING active online community full of interesting people ready to speak and communicate with you!



“ I was looking for a platform where I can improve my English on a daily basis with other and test myself, but going out means it will consume our valuable time as a working professional it’s quite hard, I am really lucky that finally, I found it here, I can interact with people any time whenever I have free time and improve my confidence. Its perfectly designed for me.


from India

“Highly recommend to our group members. As the name implies it’s group call. Honestly, the way and style approach towards speaking by our teachers are taught neither in the schools nor in the colleges of our time. Continuously speaking in a free manner and critical responses of the native teachers in between conversations boosted my confidence. Those corrections are ample to make me a better speaker in English and stand out from the crowd. “


from Pakistan

100% risk free with our 30-Day Money back gurantee!

When you join the Speaking Club, you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  

If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and decide you want to end your subscription, get in touch with us within the first 30 days

If you decide the academy isn’t for you within the first 30 days, we’ll return your money, no questions asked!

Are you sure the Speaking Club is perfect for you?

You need to be aware that the Speaking Club is NOT the best solution for everyone.  Before you join, lets see if you are really serious about changing your daily habits that will transform your fluency

The Speaking Club IS PERFECT for you if you are: 

✔️ intermediate to advanced level English speakers. This course is an opportunity for you to increase your current base-knowledge of the language. Though you can gain a lot from it, a beginner is not suitable for this course as the content is too advanced. 

✔️ people who are planning to migrate to an English speaking country, providing them the chance to adapt to an only-English speaking environment. 

✔️ anyone who needs English for their work. The intermediate-advanced level of English in the Fluency Academy will help them best prepare for a work-place environment. 

✔️ motivated students who are willing to use the content provided to them, and study it consistently. An improvement in the language will only be seen by those who actually do the work being given to them 

The Speaking Club is NOT for you if you are: 

❌ Impatient people won’t benefit from this program. Patience is key, when learning English, it takes a lot of time and hard work, so if you are looking for quick results, this isn’t for you. 

❌ Lazy people are not recommended to join the course, a lot of effort and hard work is needed to improve your English, and if you’re not willing to put in the hard work, the course won’t help you. 

❌ People who want a promise that they will achieve a specific result. This cannot be guaranteed, as it all comes down to the individual. Having seen the results from previous students, we can say that the course DOES work, but there is no guarantee for any specific results.  

❌ Students who require one-on-one feedback or tuition. The Fluency Academy is an online program that guides and helps you on your journey to learn English fluently, it does not provide one-on-one lessons. 

Your questions answered…

What do you get when you enroll as a The Speaking Club?

✔ Access to a new weekly learning plan posted in our classroom every Monday, teaching you important phrases and expressions to complete the daily speaking challenges

Access to daily speaking challenges, where you are required to record your voice and share it with us in our safe private online community to get feedback during our live coaching sessions

✔ Access to our private facebook group to share you speaking challenges, get feedback from our global community and connect with other English speakers.

✔ Access to a daily speaking classes hosted on zoom with Adriana, to get feedback on your speaking skills and ensure that you are improving your pronunciation and spoken English. 

How will you improve your English speaking skills?

You will learn the most important phrases and expressions to complete the daily speaking challenges in our classroom.  Once you have gone through the  lessons, you will complete the speaking challenges in our private Facebook group and get feedback from our online community.  Every week day you have the chance to join live zoom speaking classes to get feedback on your spoken English and receive tips to continue improving your confidence speaking English. 

How can I join the LIVE zoom sessions?

The live zoom sessions will be posted in our online classroom, where you will find the days and times of the sessions.  As our members are from different parts of the world, we will be changing the times regularly to make sure that everyone has a chance to join live.  If you miss the live sessions, a recording will be posted in our classroom.  

What level is this training program for?

The Speaking Club is perfect for intermediate to advanced English learners.  If you are able to understand 50-80% of my free English lessons, then this training program is perfect for you.

Can I do the training on my smart phone or tablet?

Yes! Of course

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee. This means that for 30 days you can join the course, study the lessons and complete the daily speaking challenges. If you’re not satisfied with your progress, simply cancel your subscription, send me an email, and I will immediately give you a refund for your first 30 days.  Please read the terms of purchase for our full refund policy: 

The price is in US dollars, can I pay in my local currency?

Yes, no problem. My payment processor will automatically convert from USD to your currency.

What if I need help and extra support?

Every week members are asked to ask their questions in a systematic and organized way. I (Adriana) will do my best to answer the most relevant and important questions you may have throughout the week in during our live sessions.