WhatsApp English Learning Group!

Are you to busy to attend a course, but you would like to improve your level of English?

Would you like small speaking daily speaking tasks to improve your confidence speaking in English?

Are you a motivated English learner who would like to connect with other English learners?

The WhatsApp English Learning group is the place for you if you are an intermediate to advanced English learner who needs support and guidance from me (Adriana, your English Speaking Coach) to help you finally improve your level of English so that you can become a confident and fluent English Speaker! 

What do you get when you enroll in WhatsApp English Learning Group?

 New lesson sets sent to your email every Monday

✔ Access to our WhatsApp English Learning Group

 Speaking tasks to complete from Monday- Friday, with feedback from your teacher on your completed task

✔ Opportunity to connect and communicate with other English Learners

How are the lesson sets designed?

Every Monday you will receive a new lesson set via email

Each lesson set is designed to drastically improve your speaking skills through small daily tasks.

There are 2 main sections to the lessons sets.

Section 1: Improve your reading skills by reading a text from the media.  From this text, you will receive a full grammar and vocabulary analysis to ensure that you have fully understood the text and to enable you to improve your grammar and vocabulary skills. 

**You will also receive a quiz to complete to check your level of reading comprehension.

Section 2: Improve your  MP3 audio, focusing on improving your listening skills through dictation practice, writing practice and spelling practice. You will be sent an MP3 audio lesson every Monday, with a PDF guide to help you improve your listening skills and also your writing skills.

**These MP3 audio lessons are also designed to provide you with shadowing and imitation practice to improve your pronunciation and connected speech.

How will I improve my English speaking skills?

Through the MP3 audio lessons, you will receive pronunciation training every Monday.  

You can do the pronunciation training independently, to improve your intonation, work on connected speech and to simple sound more like a native English speaker when speaking in English.


How will I complete the Speaking Challenges?

From Monday-Friday a small speaking task will be posted in our group.  You are required to answer the question and record your voice answering that question for the day.

If you complete the task for that day, it will be corrected by your teacher!

What if I need help and extra support?

Every week members are asked to ask their questions in a systematic and organized way.  I (Adriana) will do my best to answer the most relevant and important questions you may have throughout the week in MP3 and video format

 What level does my English need to be at?

If you are an intermediate to an advanced English learner, this group is perfect for you!

 What apps or programs do I need to join?

To participate in our group you will have to have the following:

✔ have access to a stable internet connection

✔ have access to a laptop, mobile or computer.

✔ WhatsApp installed on your phone

How much does it cost?

Access costs $9.99 USD/month or $99 USD/ year

Can I try it for free? 

There are no free trials available, as I try to keep our WhatsApp English learning group a safe and secure online community.

 Can I cancel my subscription after 1 month?

Of course! If you are not happy at any point in time, or maybe you achieved English fluency, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

You can either do this by yourself, or you can email me and I will cancel it right away!

How can I enroll in the WhatsApp English learning group?

To access our WhatsApp English learning group, you need to pay the enrollment fee of $9.99 USD/month. 

Access is by subscription only, that being the card that you buy with will be charged every single month. 

** If you have any questions or doubts about subscribing, please email me at adriana@englishteacheradriana.com and I will do my best to answer your questions

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