3 tips to improve your Speaking skills!

How to improve your speaking skills?


Has something like this ever happened to you?

Maria has recently got a new job as a sales person, but she’s very nervous because she needs to talk to people a lot. She’s always been a shy person so she’s struggling to hold a conversation, especially in English, which is not her native language.

She works in a shop which is frequently visited by many English businessmen, so she needs to use her English on daily basis.

One day, a handsome man walked in the shop and Maria had to ask him if he was looking for something special. She approached him and greeted him. He asked her if she could assist him while he is trying out different clothes.

She said yes, but when he tried to make small-talk, she constantly kept struggling to make a sentence that would flow naturally.

Instead, each sentence she uttered began with Hmmm, I don’t know…


So, what can you do in a situation like this?

What can you do to stop having troubles when speaking in English?

Do you feel that you need to improve your speaking skills?

What is it that you can do to improve your speaking skills?

Many non-native English speakers experience this difficulty, you’re not alone in this situation.

Some people are naturally shy and experience difficulties when having to talk to someone and they are even more stressed out when they have to hold a conversation in English.

You needn’t worry.

There are a few things you can do to improve your speaking skills, so read on and find out my tips for working on your speaking skills and improving them significantly.

3 tips to improve your speaking skills

If you want to improve your speaking skills in English and reach a very high level of fluency, you need to work on your shyness.

Forget about your shyness and try to act natural when speaking in English.

Practicing how to hold a conversation in English is very important if you want to reach a high level of fluency in English.

Work on your speaking skills.

Find a partner with whom you can practice. Talk about everything, from movies you like to your favourite music, even weather and things like that.

The more you practice speaking in English, the better will your speaking skills be.

You won’t worry anymore when using English in a conversation and your sentences will flow naturally like those of native speakers of English.

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So, how can you improve your speaking skills?

Here are my top 3 tips!

1.      Read out loud.

One of the best ways to work on your speaking skills is reading out loud.

If you practice reading out loud, you will also work on your pronunciation of many different words.

Some of them may be difficult for you to pronounce, but soon you’ll be able to speak and read in English more successfully.

Choose your favourite book or some English newspapers and read a few pages every day.

You can even try searching for an English translation of your favourite book in your native language.


2.      Use English in your everyday conversations.

Make an agreement with your friends and try to use only English in your conversations.

For example, make Wednesday your English day and try to speak English as much as you can.

This is also a great way to become more confident in speaking English because you will be forced to think more in English and use both your vocabulary and grammar.

You’ll see, after just a few weeks, your speaking skills will improve significantly.

You will be able to hold conversations on a variety of topics.


3.      Practice speaking what you hear.

A great way to work on your speaking skills and your pronunciation is to listen to music, broadcasts, TV shows or movies and repeat what you hear.

You can also use the mimicking technique and imitate the sounds that you hear.

That way you’ll get a chance to learn an accent you like.

You can also watch my videos on my YouTube channel and repeat after me.

If you do that, you will get a chance to listen to a native Australian English speaker and hear how different word are pronounced.

What would have happened if Maria had followed these tips?

Well, she wouldn’t have had troubles trying to utter a sentence in English.

Her conversation with her customer would have flown naturally and she would have made a good impression on him.

If she had followed these tips, she would have felt comfortable enough to make a small-talk with her customer, without thinking too much about making a mistake.

These three tips can help you a lot in gaining more confidence when speaking in English.

If you use these tips regularly and practice on your speaking skills, you will soon be more confident when speaking in English.

Your speaking skills will improve significantly in just a few weeks!

How do you feel about your speaking skills?

Do you feel confident enough to try and hold a conversation in English?

Have you ever been in the same situation as Maria, where you needed to use English in a conversation, but you felt embarrassed because your sentences didn’t flow naturally?

Don’t let your fears win.

Don’t be afraid of using English in a most natural conversation with someone.

Use these techniques regularly to improve your speaking skills significantly.

Work on your English skills and fluency to gain confidence and amaze everyone with your speaking skills.


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