How to practice speaking in English by using the shadowing technique?

How to practice speaking in English by using the shadowing technique?

Many of my students have often asked me the same question:

How can I improve my accent and practice speaking like native speakers?

In this post, I will try to give an answer to this question from my perspective as a language learner.

As you know, I learned Croatian and at first, it was hard for me to pronounce some words and sound like a native speaker.

But, then I started listening to more TV shows and radio stations in Croatian and repeat the words and sentences that I would hear.

After a while, my pronunciation really started improving and I was able to speak and sound like a native speaker.

So, my advice for all of you wanting to improve your accent and practice speaking is:

use the shadowing technique!

What is the shadowing technique? How does it function?


Many English learners often have a goal to be fluent like native speakers, and sound as them as well.

It is not impossible to achieve this goal.

One of the ways you can achieve is to practice speaking by using the mimicking technique.

The shadowing technique is basically mimicking the tones and rhythm of native speakers. One of the best ways to practice this technique is watching movie clips or TV shows, or listening to radio stations in English.

When you hear a sentence, try to repeat the words and sounds exactly as you hear them. The more you practice, the better you’ll sound.

Don’t feel sad if you need to repeat the audio several times to achieve the perfect pronunciation. You will see that it is possible to improve your accent by practicing this technique regularly. Practice makes perfect!

I have met so many people that speak perfect British English and are not even British!

English is their second language, but they mastered it by practicing the mimicking technique. Some of my friends even admit that they learned British English while watching Harry Potter movies.

It’s a great way to improve your accent, isn’t it? 😊

Find movie clips or TV shows in English, especially in the accent you want to learn.

If you want to learn British English, I recommend watching Harry Potter movies or Downton Abbey TV series.

These are interesting and fun to watch and you will improve both your English fluency and pronunciation if you repeat the lines and try to mimic all the sounds.

If you prefer American English, there are many great shows you can watch. Try watching, for example, Modern Family and also use the mimicking technique.

TV comedy shows are also a great way to learn some English idioms and proverbs, so that’s a bonus point!

That’s it!

Have fun practicing speaking and shadowing the sounds of native speakers!

I have also made a video lesson, explaining exactly how you can do this.  Watch the video lesson below: