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Rachel: I’m from Korea and I live in Seoul.  My native language is Korean. I’m working for a small company that is in manufacturing. I’m in charge of the general affairs department, but the company does not using English.

Adriana: Why are you learning English?

Rachel: there are so many reasons to learn English. First of all, every year, I go on a trip to overseas with my mom, every year. But I have some problems with my communication. So I'd like to speak English on the trip more easily, and then I also really want to watch movies and TV shows in English without subtitles.


Adriana: Do you have any special goals you want to share with us, why you are looking to improve your English?

Rachel: I want to read Harry Potter in English.

I really enjoying to learning,. especially, It because it gives me a motivation for my life.


Adriana: How has #UsingEnglishTP helped your improve your English?

Rachel: #UsingEnglishTP has been an important part of It is an important thing in my English learning development, The program can make me to practice steadily and consistently. Every week, I get new lessons. there is a listening task and transcript, a reading task and quiz and a video lesson.


Adriana: But tell me more about you, how has this helped you specifically?


Rachel:  In my case, I have a weekly plan to study #UsingEnglihTP. also the program has many resources to study every week. . Also the two homework tasks have , it is helped my to improve my English. I think my writing skills are  better than when I began first, and speaking skills are gettingbe better. The program really useful to improve my English, because every day and every week, it can make me listen, read, speak and write in English!.

Adriana: How has I helped you in #UsingEnglishTP?

Rachel: In my opinion, she is very dedicated to her students. We have a secret Facebook group. In my case, I write on the page whenever I have a question. and you always replies. We also have weekly live lessons in the group and you give more detail in the live lessons about my questions. Of course, I can ask you by e-mail and you will answer kindly. Every time I have an English writing task corrected, you always encourage me. Your encouragement every week is a driving force for me. You are my best friend to improve my English.

Adriana: What is #UsingEnglishTP to you?

Rachel: There is a saying in Korean proverbs that says good medicine tastes bitter. I think, the program is like a medicine for me. Everyday I take the medicine but if I don't take it. I would feel uncomfortable. The program is also is similar.  Sometimes I do not want to study. Because, the program is not easy. But I think it is good medicine. Sometimes it is difficult is help to study and to improve my English. it is like good medicine which tastes bitter.

Adriana: Would you recommend #UsingEnglishTP to other students and why?

Rachel: Sure. I highly recommend the program. This method has all of it, to improve your English skills. It has many resources to read, speak, listen and write. so if you want to really upgrade your English level and want to speak more naturally in English. I think, You have to choose to join #UsingEnglishTP!.

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