Welcome! Right now, I want to take a moment and introduce myself to you. Im Adriana 🙂

You already know I’m an English Speaking Teacher… but what does that exactly mean?

Think of me as your online friend who can show you the exact way to learn English effectively and efficiently over the next few weeks, help you master vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in less than 30 minutes a day, so that you can speak confidently and fluently in any situation with other English speakers! 

▶︎ I will help you successfully speak English confidently and fluently!

▶︎ I will help you break through your barriers of learning vocabulary and remembering them when Speaking English

▶︎ I will help you overcome your fear of speaking English, so that you can speak confidently in any situation life present you with in the future

I genuinely care about helping you finally speak English confidently and never feeling stuck, confused or ashamed of your English!

But first….

✻There’s some things about me you deserve to know✻

➞ In today’s day and age, ANYONE can call themselves “Expert” or a “Teacher” and say that  they can help you.🙄

BUT, before you listen to anyone: You deserve to know about their experience and approach to teaching. 

It’s the only way you’ll be able to know:

  1. If they are good at teaching.
  2. If they are the right teacher for you.

And for that reason, I’m excited to share a bit more about me.

About Adriana Lukić

About Adriana Lukić

Online English Teacher & Content Creator at English with Adriana

  • Native English speaker from Melbourne, Australia
  • Over 10 years’ teaching experience.
  • Cambridge CELTA qualified.
  • Experienced in IELTS (Academic and General) preparation, Business English and Conversational English
  • Master of International Business
  •  Speaks Croatian Fluently
  •  Currently living in Zagreb, Croatia
  •  Enjoys playing tennis, hiking, being outdoors

It’s My Passion to help you speak English confidently!

It’s my passion because… I understand the problems andI know what it feels like to struggle to speak a new language.

Over 10 years ago (at only 21 years old) and I moved by myself from Australia to Croatia, to develop myself professionally and personally

I left my parents, family and friends all behind to start a new life in a country where I could barely understand the language.   


When I made this decision many people thought I was crazy!

I didn’t know the language, couldn’t understand what people were saying, I needed a job to pay my bills and survive, but the worst thing was that I had issues relating to people and making friends because I had issues with the language and also culture.

And on top of that… I didn’t have any support network. I was all alone.

It was hard to learn a new language and building my confidence speaking on a daily basis all alone 🙁

I never want YOU (or any of my students) to feel alone like I did.

That’s why I’m so passionate about connecting with and helping my students in the Fluency Academy


Whenever someone laughed at my accent, laughed at me for using the wrong words or grammar and even just acting differently because I didn’t grow up here, it just made me more determined to accomplish my goals.


Even though I was struggling, I didn’t give up. 

⭐️One principle I live by is to never give up on your dreams ⭐️

If you really want to achieve something➞ You can!

…but it doesn’t just “magically” happen.

You must have a plan, do the daily work, and be consistent.

There were times that I felt like I would NEVER accomplish my goal of speaking confidently and fluently

But I didn’t give up!

 Instead, I changed the way I approach mastering a second language. I practiced daily. I developed new strategies and techniques that changed everything for me.


(And now, I’m very proud that my teaching methods and my principles WORK! They have helped hundreds of students achieve the success they want to speak English confidently!)

It’s Hard Being Alone

Building confidence and fluency alone is not easy alone at home!

There were so many times I felt depressed, lonely, and overwhelmed.

Why am I telling you about this? — You Ask

✬ Because I don’t want you to go through what I had to go through to achieve fluency and speak confidently

Helping you speak English confidently is why I wake up every morning. 

Nothing makes me happier than logging into my Fluency Academy and speaking to my students, seeing their improvement, getting to know them and seeing the daily progress they are taking to finally speak English Confidently and Fluently

I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to help you improve your English step-by-step in a fun (yet productive) way! 








Your English Speak Coach, Adriana