Are you tired of old learning methods?

….studying grammar rules, memorizing vocabulary and having to sit at home by yourself to master English as a second language?


Do you need support on your English learning journey? …  someone, to help you stay motivated and push you to really improve your English?


Welcome 🙂  I’m Adriana! 



I have created this website to prove you with lessons which you can use in your everyday life.  Here you will find lessons on phrasal verbs, idioms, grammar, motivation, confidence, and fluency which you CAN apply in your life to become a confident and fluent English speaker!

In my 8 years of Teaching English as a second language online, I have noticed that many of my ESL students struggle to speak English and to use their knowledge. 

It is one thing to be able to understand all the rules we use in the English language, though another to be able to able those rules in your everyday life.  

 I help you USE your knowledge and make you get the best results using your English FOR YOUR LIFE! 

Who am I (Adriana) ?

First of all, I am a native English speaker. I was born and raised in Australia, and yes, I have that awesome accent 🙂

I love everything about connecting with people, meeting new people from different countries, learning new cultures and traditions and living life to the fullest.

Graduating from La Trobe University, with a Masters of International Business, gave me the opportunity to study abroad in China and France, and broaden my cultural understanding of different cultures.

Upon completing my University education in Australia, I decided to move abroad, and left my family and home in Melbourne and migrated to Zagreb, Croatia.

Why you ask Why not? 🙂  I was young and dumb, didn’t think twice about it!

Goals, challenges and doing things with your life is something I am passionate about.

Moving abroad was and is a life-long challenge I love and drives me to do what I do!

Currently, I’m living in Zagreb, Croatia and have continued my education at various institutions and worked in numerous Croatian companies. ALL in Croatian, which makes me a fluent Croatian speaker.

A little bit about my professional background…

👉over 8 years of English as a second language teaching experience

👉teaching ESL students from different countries all over the world

👉native English speaker.  Born, raised and educated in Melbourne, Australia

👉graduated from La Trobe University with a Masters of International Business

👉CELTA accredited English Teacher (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Cambridge University

👉lover of life, life-long learning and anything that puts FUN into education 

How can I help you….?

A lot of students ask me what kind of teacher am I.

Do I teach strictly online?

Or am I a school English teacher or maybe University professor?

Well, I am an online English teacher.

The reason I don’t teach at a language school is that I have established my own online English school The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom

Yes, my own school!

Probably you are wondering why did I even come up with that idea and what makes me competent to do so?

To understand why I have created The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom, you need to understand my journey for Croatian Fluency…

Moving abroad 8 years ago, I worked for a few years in the Business sector in Croatia, using the Croatian language as a means of communication.  Unfortunately, throughout my experience of improving my fluency in the Croatian language, I found it hard to follow a classical learning approach found in offline classrooms due to my hectice timetable.  

But also I found the classroom NOT meeting my needs of effective communication.  Constantly being presented with grammar, rules and vocabulary lists were simply boring for me.  I needed to improve my Croatian language skills. So the online English school was provided me with fill in the blank options which I could not use during my everyday life working in Croatia.

Also, as we were all foreigners in the classes, it made it so much more easier for us to commmunicate in English… hence I was not using my Croatian skills


I always felt a passion for teaching… from the age of 14 I began working as a Tennis Coach and at the tender age of 19 I became a certificated English Language teaching to Adults by Cambridge University.

In 2013, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was left without a job 🙁  

But, as I like to have a backup plan in life (that being my CELTA accreditation, I started to teach English to foreigners learning the English languages.  

I applied for a few language schools, though I rejected the offers, as I simply did not like to curriculum.

Remember when I told you before that I felt frustrated learning Croatia, that I was just filling in the blanks?

Well, I didn’t want to teach English like that! 

I wanted to teach using the same techniques I used to enable me to speak Croatian fluently for the opportunities which have been presented to me using the Croatian language.

So I started teaching English 1-1 online and in virtual classrooms. This lead to many English as a second language learners which started coming to me for advice on how to use the English language in various life situations….. and at that’s how I began teaching English as a second language 🙂

So I came up with an idea… Why not share this same advice and these experiences to as many English learners as possible?

I gathered up all my skills, from business to English teaching…

and established my own ESL virtual classroom and community> The  #UsingEnglishTP Classroom 

In my lessons, I not only upgrade my ESL student’s knowledge of English but most importantly LIFE skills, so that they become successful English speakers for better future opportunities.

My specialties in teaching are all done through a cognitive approach.  I specialize in bringing the best out of my ESL students, by motivating and guiding them to speak English and write in English, so that English as a second language becomes a part of their daily lives.  

If you are looking to improve your general conversation, if you are a business professional who is struggling to express yourself both in work and out of work situation, we can work together to improve your English as a second language

👉general conversation

👉business English

👉IELTS preparation

👉confidence in English

One common mistake, many English learners make is that they DO NOT PRACTICE, or do not use their English

Perfect Practice makes Perfect

If you do not practice using your English in a natural context, then you will lose your English. It is one thing to be able to know all of these rules, structures and hearing these tips; though another to be using and applying your knowledge!

A common mistake that many English learners make (maybe EVEN YOU!)  is that they do not practice!  The more you practice, the better you will get.  You have to be practicing on a consistent basis, applying your knowledge.  Only in this way WILL YOU IMPROVE YOUR SPOKEN ENGLISH.

Speaking with friends, communicating in English on a consistent basis, making mistakes, working on fixing your mistakes and getting feedback on your spoken English will help you identify YOUR common mistakes, work on these mistakes so that you CAN improve your spoken English and communication skills!