How to remember English Vocabulary while speaking in English

by | Apr 1, 2019 | English Learning Tips, The #UsingEnglishTP Podcast | 3 comments

Being able to remember English vocabulary when speaking in English is hard, if you are not using your English on a daily basis.  To be able to remember and use a wide range of vocabulary, to express and communicate your ideas in English, you need to be surrounding yourself with the English language as much as possible and using the new vocabulary as much as possible.  This sounds easy, though it can be hard to achieve, if you are not consistent.  In todays podcast episode, Joe and I talk about how you can better remember English vocabulary when speaking in English 

In this episode of Convos with Joe, Joe Crossman and I talk about 3 key elements you should be incorporating in your daily study routine.

Those elements being:

  1. Consistently redefining why you are learning English to help you set learning goals and learn the right vocabulary you will need to use when speaking in English
  2. Daily study routines and tips to help you learn and remember English vocabulary
  3. The importance of consistently using the new vocabulary you come across and how you can do this today

Download and listen to the podcast episode to learn how to remember English Vocabulary while speaking in English


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