The Whats App Speaking Club 

Start using your English to speak with REAL English speakers online to drastically improve your confidence speaking in English! 

Join us in The Whats App Speaking Club and get instant access to the following: 

✔join daily group calls to get speaking practice and feedback from a native English teacher

✔meet other English speakers from around the world, connect and communicate in English 

✔ stop being shy and improve your confidence speaking to REAL English speakers every weekday

✔ finally become confident and fluent with The #UsingEnglishTP Training program

In The Whats App Speaking Club it is our goal is to teach, guide and help you with the right resources to improve your level of English and speak with total confidence in only 30 minutes a day

Meet your teachers in The Whats App Speaking Club 


Adriana from @englishwithadriana (teacher and content creator)

Adriana is a native English teacher from Australia. She is the founder and creator of The #UsingEnglishTP training method and  believes in learning English in less than 30 minutes a day in fun, interactive online communities, where students can connect and speak in English. Adriana creates weekly lesson sets, clear learning plans and starts discussions to help students overcome their fear of speaking in English.

Joe Crossman from @english_teacher_joe (teacher and content creator)

Joe is a Native English Teacher from Canada. Joe teaches English to foreign students at a university in Canada. He enjoys helping people improve their English and having fun at the same timeJoe creates fun, interactive weekly lessons in our Whats App Speaking classroom for you to complete that you do not find in textbooks, this English is more like what people say in real life!

Renata from @renataenglish (Teacher and Community manager)

Renata is a Native English Teacher from Melbourne Australia. Renata believes that the only way to improve your English is to be using it on a regular basis.  Renata hosts our daily group calls in our Whats App Speaking Club, starts and participates in discussions in our classrooms and supports you on your English learning journey

Together we believe that learning English should be fun, interactive and time efficient. 

…as a member you will drastically improve your confidence speaking in English following these 5 easy daily steps


Step 1: Complete daily self-study lesson sets as part of The #UsingEnglishTP Program

Every Monday a new lesson set is posted in our classroom. Every week we focus on a new topic in the media through the lesson sets. Through video, MP3 and PDF lessons we analyse grammar, vocabulary and phrases to help you speak about these topics in English. These lessons should take you a maximum of 30 minutes to complete to enable you to learn English just a native English speaker!


Step 2: Complete self-study courses

Members get instant access to my grammar, phrasal verb, pronunciation and advanced communication courses, all in video, MP3, quizzes and audio format. These courses will help you better understand the essential basics of the English language to interact in our online community.


Step 3: Join daily discussions in our Whats App Group

Meet and connect with our world-wide community of English speakers in our Whats App Group. Members are from all over the world, and you can start and join discussions at any time of the day! This is a place for you to immerse and surround yourself with the English language, to help you overcome your fear of speaking in English


Step 4: Complete Daily Speaking Challenges

Get feedback on your speaking skills, use of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation from a native English teacher by completing the daily speaking challenge. Speaking challenges are posted from Monday- Friday to help you remember and use what you learn through the lesson sets. Record yourself answering the question, post your recording on Instagram and you will get feedback from Adriana (your English teacher)


Step 5: Join Daily Group Calls with a native English speaker

Overcome you fear of speaking in English by joining daily group calls in our classroom. Connect with other English speakers in daily group calls (from Monday-Friday) hosted by a native English teacher. These group calls are an opportunity to meet other English speakers in real time, ask questions and start discussions based on that weeks lesson set.


“The WhatsApp Speaking Club helps me to be disciplined in learning English. I can strongly recommend this program for everybody who wants to learn English with a native speaker on a regular basis. However everyone should understand that learning English is a hard self-study,Adriana just shows you the way to make it easier..”


from Ukraine

“I am more than happy that I joined The WhatsApp Speaking Club. Sincerely I tell you this is a FANTASTIC online course, it helped me improve my speaking, writing, listening, and reading, and has been helping me to speak like a native! I strongly recommend everybody who is intent and looking to improve their English to enrol in The WhatsApp Speaking Club… you will have never regret joining this course! 
My appreciation, respect and love to my English native teacher Adriana“”


from Sudan

“After joining the WhatsApp Speaking Club, I think that learning English is so interesting, because I know how to learn English in an efficient way, and when I used English to talk with native speaker that I feel more confident than before. In each class I can improve my listening, writing, speaking and reading skills


from Taiwan

“Before it used to take me a while before I felt confident enough to speak in English. I felt ashamed to talk and, because of that, I used to get nervous and to forget the words. But now that I have the chance to participate in conversations every week, I feel much more confident, and English has turned into something natural for me
With The WhatsApp Speaking Club, I am
 able to meet new people, to discuss all kinds of subjects and to understand more about other cultures while practicing my English skills.
It’s a fun and cultural experience that I recommend to everyone.”


from Brazil

Students in The WhatsApp Speaking Club get access to my online courses…

….all the courses and course updates in The #UsingEnglishTP Classroom. 

All the lessons are online in video, audio, mp3, and PDF format.  As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can access the training program from anywhere in the world, be that on your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Whats App Group

Join our WhatsApp Group to learn English in an organised way.  Follow the weekly learning plan, complete the daily speaking challenges, and connect with our worldwide community on WhatsApp.  

Pronunciation Course

Improve your pronunciation and speak more clearly in the pronunciation course.   Learn and practice saying the most important sounds in English to enable to better express yourself and communicate in English.​  Over 30 vowel and consonant sounds explained naturally, in context, to help you avoid miscommunication when speaking in English  

Phrasal Verb Course

Over 500 Phrasal Verbs explained NATURALLY by topic, just as native English speakers learn phrasal verbs. Through video lessons, quizzes, PDF downloads and NATURAL conversation practice you will master phrasal verbs to better express yourself when speaking in English. 

Grammar Course

Learn the most important English Grammar to enable to better express yourself and communicate in English.  This grammar course will teach you the fundamentals of English grammar so that you can avoid miscommunication and start communicating more effectively in English!

Advanced Communication

This course has been specially designed to help members who are preparing for IELTS and TOEFL, to improve their scores in the reading and listening section

There are over 15 lesson sets and each lesson set is divided into 2 sections

  1. Listening Focus where you will improve your ability to understand different English accents and fast conversations.
  2. Reading Focus where you will improve your grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension skills

“I have a weekly plan to study English. The program has many resources to study every week. My writing is better than when I first, and my speaking skills are getting better.The program is really for me to improve my English, because every day and every week, it makes me listen, read, speak and write in English! The WhatsApp Speaking Club has been an important part of my English learning development; the program can make me to practice steadily and consistently.”


from Korea

“The WhatsApp Speaking Club is a NEW experience to learn English because it provides me many different ways to practice my speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. Here I also meet many friends from different countries. We learn together and make progress together. Fortunately, I never regret to joining The WhatsApp Speaking Club”


from China

“If you feel you are stuck with your English and have been struggling a lot to learn new vocabulary in context. If you cannot find a partner to practice your speaking and you surfed up to this website you’re in the right way to solve the problems you have with your English.
The WhatsApp Speaking Club is an awesome program with excellent material sent every week by Adriana. The reading part is great! Texts full of new words where you can learn these words in context.
Additionally, there is a video where Adriana give an explanation about the meaning of these words which complements your learning.
The listening part is as awesome as the reading part. The dialog between 2 native English speakers, which follows the model of tests like IELTS,TOEFL,PTE and so on.
And last but not least, we have daily group calls where we talk about different topics and practice the new vocabulary. In these group calls we are  asked different questions
Which force us to think and SPEAK IN ENGLISH!
 Many times if you don’t know/remember a specific word, you have to explain what you mean and in my opinion this is superb….and of course i couldn’t forget to talk about Adriana who is so humble, as well as an excellent teacher, who guides us to the right way in our learning process.
To sum up, enroll in The WhatsApp Speaking Club if you wanna study and learn this fantastic language.”


from Brazil

“The lessons are fun and interesting! We get a chance to connect native English teachers the rest of the members through group calls and find out a lot of interesting things about the cultures and holidays from many different parts of the world. We also get a chance to find English speaking partners in which we can connect through Skype and talk about anything that we want to. So, please do come and join us! Can’t wait to get to know you! See you inside “ Dora

from Malaysia

“The WhatsApp Speaking Club is a friendly and supportive community where you can ask questions, initiate topics, and share anything you like with others. Most importantly, you can both make comments and get comments from Adriana and other group members. They will either correct your mistakes or share their original thoughts. This is an extremely effective and interesting way to improve your English!”


from Taiwan

“Adriana is a fantastic English teacher! As a researcher, I collaborated with Adriana on a research study exploring English learning using live streaming. In Adriana’s live streams, students practiced pronunciation of words, participated in freestyle conversations with other students, and described pictures they sent in complete English sentences. Adriana was very patient and encouraging throughout the live lessons, and made English learning interactive and fun! She was committed to helping students improve their English speaking, listening, and writing skills, by planning these creative lessons, and putting her best effort into giving feedback to students about their pronunciation and grammar. You would never get tired of watching Adriana’s English lessons because she’s constantly trying out new things, and always has a bright smile that lights up your day! I recommend Adriana’s lessons to anyone on their journey to conquer the English language!”


from University of Toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about enrolling in the WhatsApp Speaking Clubb…

What do you get when you enroll as a The WhatsApp Speaking Club?

✔ Access to The Whats App English Learning Group

✔ Access to all my online courses (Grammar, Phrasal Verb, Pronunciation courses )

✔ Join daily group calls with other English Speakers

How will you improve your English speaking skills?

You will join daily group calls from Monday to Friday hosted by a native English speaker to meet other members in our Course.  You are also required to complete daily speaking challenges on Instagram, where you will receive feedback from your teacher (Adriana)

How can I join the group calls?

Group calls are held daily from Monday to Friday.  All the days and times of your group calls are found in our classroom. To join our group calls, you will need to download the free zoom application which you can use from your mobile phone or computer

What level is this training program for?

The WhatsApp Speaking Club is perfect for intermediate to advanced English learners.  If you are able to understand 50-80% of my free English lessons, then this training program is perfect for you.

Can I do the training on my smart phone or tablet?

Yes! Of course

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee. This means that for 7 days you can join the course, study the lessons and complete the daily speaking challenges. If you’re not satisfied with your progress, simply cancel your subscription, send me an email, and I will immediately give you a refund for your first 7 days.  Please read the terms of purchase for our full refund policy: 

The price is in US dollars, can I pay in my local currency?

Yes, no problem. My payment processor will automatically convert from USD to your currency.

What if I need help and extra support?

Every week members are asked to ask their questions in a systematic and organized way. I (Adriana) will do my best to answer the most relevant and important questions you may have throughout the week in MP3 and video format