Understand Fast English Conversations with these Advanced Listening Tips

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Are you struggling to understand fast English conversations? Maybe you have been watching a movie or a tv show, or simply you have been out with friends and you are struggling to understand the English conversations.

In this video lesson, we will go through advanced English listening tips to help you better understand fast English conversations.

Watch the video lesson to learn how to better understand fast English conversations

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Below you will find some Advanced English Listening Tips mentioned in the video lesson to help you better understand fast English conversations.

Listen to natural English conversations on a regular basis

The more consistent you are with listening to natural English conversations, the better and faster you will improve your ability to better understand fast English conversations.  You should be making it a habit to get at least 15-20 minutes of English listening practice every single day, to see drastic improvements in your understanding in the short term.

Consistency is key!

Find resources to listen to in English

Now that you understand that you need to be consistent with your listening, you need to find some resources to listen to.  Before you even think of finding an audio, think about your hobbies.

Ask yourself the following two questions:

1.  What are your hobbies?

2.  What are your professional interests?

Think about these two questions and write down your answers on a piece of paper.

Once you have clearly defined your interests, only then is it time to find something to listen to.

Search for podcasts, TV shows, documentaries, movies based on your interests and start listening to these resources on a daily basis.


you could listen to…

  • a song,
  • a youtube video
  • a podcast
  • a film,
  • a tv show
  • an audiobook

Listen to something you love

you need to find a topic that INTERESTS YOU! Not your friends, not your neighbors, not your family… something that interests you.

For example….

Bob is a mechanic and he loves cars.  He has decided to listen to people on YouTube talking about different cars

Mary loves cooking, she has decided to watch cooking TV shows.

Carefully answer the questions in point two, so that you do find something to listen to that you genuinely love.

Be positive! 🙂

It is important to stay positive when listening to English.  es, you may not understand every, yes there will be new words, different accents, but it will get easier in time, and you will be able to understand a lot more as long as you stay consistent

 Listen to different people

How I pronounce words differs to that how those in America, the UK, New Zealand, and even other parts of Australia speak.  It is important to listen to different accents, as English is spoken in many different countries, and we all speak with different accents.  It’s important to expose yourself to different accents.

Listen for context

Listen to phrases as a whole and not word for word. If you do not understand one word, don’t get stuck on that word, try to understand the whole context


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