How To Practise English Speaking Online?

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How to practise English speaking online?  There are ways for you to practise your English speaking skills online if you know how.  Use these tips shared in the video lesson to improve your confidence speaking in English by speaking to real English speakers online.

Watch the video lesson to learn how to pratise your English speaking skills online

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How to practise your English Speaking skills online?

Practicing your English speaking skills online is easy if you know how.  Today we have many social media networks available, those being YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.  Why not use these social media platforms to your advantage to connect with other English speakers. 

Of course, it really depends on you and how you decide to utilize these platforms.  

Clearly write down on a piece of paper your hobbies and interests: by writing down your hobbies and interests on a piece of paper, you will know exactly what you enjoy doing and it will make the following next steps a lot easier for you.

Only follow people on social media based on your interests: do not follow everyone and everything online (if you really want to practise your English speaking skills online) , just to be following people.  If you really want to be improving your level of English, only follow people only using the English language talking and posting about topics you are genuinely interested in. 

Make sure to interact by commenting on posts: try not to be a passive learner, be active with your learning.  While following people online, make sure to comment below their posts and ask questions about what they are posting about.  This will help you improve your writing skills and also make you sound more interesting as a person to speak to.  If you see that someone has asked a question, try to answer these questions, to help people online.  

Send private messages to those who interact with you: once you have developed a bond by replying and commenting on posts, like a decent human being, only then send people a private message following up from your comments.  

Watch the whole video on my YouTube Channel or download the podcast episode to how to stop being shy when speaking in English

Download the audio lesson below:

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