How to Pronounce Contractions in English

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How to Pronounce Contractions in English? Improve your English Pronunciation and speaking skills by learning how to pronounce the most common contractions. In this English pronunciation lesson, we will go through common contractions in the English language found with the words: be, would, will and have, to help you improve your English speaking skills and sound more natural speaking in English.

Watch the video lesson to learn how to pronounce contractions in English

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Below you will find a list of the English contractions we will go through in the video lesson.  Make sure to watch the whole video lesson to hear the pronunciation of these contractions.

Contractions in English with BE:

I’m = I am

You’re = You are

He’s= He is

She’s = She is

It’s = It is

We’re = We are

They’re = They are

That’s = That is

Who’s = Who is

What’s = What is

What’re = What are

Where’s = Where is

When’s = When is

Why’s = Why is

How’s = How is

Contractions in English with WILL

I’ll = I will

You’ll = You will

He’ll = He will

She’ll = She will

It’ll = It will

We’ll = We will

They’ll = They will

That’ll = That will

Who’ll = Who will

What’ll = What will

Where’ll = Where will

When’ll = When will

Why’ll = Why will

How’ll = How will

Contractions in English with WOULD

I’d = I would

You’d = You would

He’d = He would

She’d = She would

It’d = It would

We’d = We would

They’d = They would

That’d = That would

Who’d = Who would

What’d = What would

  Contractions in English with HAVE

I’ve = I have

You’ve = You have

He’s = He has

She’s = She has

It’s = It has

We’ve = We have

They’ve = They have

That’s = That has

Who’s = Who has

What’s = What has

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